[rohrpost] Masterstudy Interface Culture Linz -entrance exam during Ars Electronica Sept 4th and 5th 2006/application until Sept 1st

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Master Study Interface Cultures at University of Art and Design in Linz 
(4 semester)

The Interface Culture masters degree program, founded by media artists 
Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, is an artistic-scientific study 
to educated media artists and media researchers in creative and 
innovative interface and interaction design.

The study lasts two years and concentrates on project-oriented and 
theory-based training in interactive digital media, combining art with 
research, the development of projects and prototypes with scholarly 

Subjects thought include: interactive art, interaction design, game 
design, tangible interfaces, auditory interfaces, fashionable 
technologies, wearable devices, intelligent ambiences, sensor 
technologies, telecommunication and new experimental forms of 
human-machine, human-human and machine-machine interactions.  

Artistic expressions include among others: interactive art, net art, 
software art, robotic art, sound art, noise art, games and story 
telling, mobile art as well as new hybrid areas like genetic art, bio 
art, space art and nano art.

A specialty of the program is its strong collaboration with the Ars 
Electronica in Linz, where students can show their projects on a yearly 
basis and thus get in contact with the top experts of the media art and 
design field. Previous projects of student works at Ars Electronica 2005 
can be found at: http://www.interface.ufg.ac.at/Ars2005/index.php

Prof. Dr. Christa Sommerer, media artists and researchers
Prof. Dr. Laurent Mignonneau, media artists and researchers

Dipl. Ing. Christopher Lindinger, Computer Scientist / Media Artist, 
director of research and innovation of the Ars Electronica Futurelab.
Mag. Sabine Seymour, Researcher/Designer in Fashionable Technologies
TIMES UP, media art initiative
Mag. Andreas Weixler, Composer / Media Artist in Audio-visual interaction
Dr. Sabine Payr, Researcher in multimodal interfaces and e-learning
Mag. Gebhart Sengmüller, Artist / Media Archaeologist, Vinyl Video
Dipl. Ing. Robert Praxmarer, Researcher / Artist,
Dipl.Ing. Martin Kaltenbrunner, Researcher / Ph.D. candidat
Mag. Simon Bauer, media technician and developer

Entrance Examination:
September 4th and 5th 2006, during Ars Electronica 2006

Deadline for Application for 2. Entrance Examination: September 1st 2006

Application forms can be downloaded at:

Please send your filled in application form & required documents 
(curriculum vitae & passport copy) by September 1st to the study 
department at:

Study Administration
University of Art and Industrial Design, Linz
Hauptplatz 8, first floor, room 1.24
4010 Linz, Austria
Telephone: 0043/732/7898 Internet: http://www.ufg.ac.at/studienabteilung
studien.office at ufg.ac.at

Required materials for the entrance examination interview on September 
4th and 5th 2006:

Candidates are asked to bring examples of their digital works and 
digital productions, for example from their previous studies as well as 
a copy of their bachelor thesis and any other examples of their 
practical works as well as an expose (can be in written, image, auditory 
or interactive form) of what type of work and research they want to 
conduct during the Interface Culture master study program.

More information about the Interface Culture study at:
institut-medien.office at ufg.ac.at

Interface Culture Brochure downloadable at:

With best wishes

Christa Sommerer