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The Organization and Representation of Political Violence

Datum: Sonntag, 26. Maerz 2006, 19 Uhr
Ort: Galerie der Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41,
In englischer Sprache
Eintritt frei

presentations by Anselm Franke, Brian Holmes, Thomas Keenan and Gema
Martin Munoz
moderated by Jordan Crandall

In cooperation with KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Under Fire is an ongoing art and research project that explores
contemporary militarization and political violence.  It delves into 
the structural, symbolic, and affective dimensions of contemporary 
armed conflicts:  the organization, representation, and 
materialization of war.

This session of Under Fire will focus on the status of political speech --
the operations of power that determine the legitimacy of action, and the
conditions that render speech and action intelligible as a political
force. From this basis, it will explore the dynamic between politics and
violence and look at the way that new political spaces are opened or invented.
Overall, it will foreground structural conditions of the new global 
landscape, exploring the nature of contemporary power and situating 
cycles of violence within the modalities of a global system.

Under Fire revolves around questions of representation.  It explores the
role that representations play as registers of symbolic meaning and as
agents of cultural change.  Yet at the same time, it acknowledges
material, affective realities that resist symbolization, but which 
nonetheless play a powerful role in shaping consciousness and the 
belief systems that
motivate action.  It this sense it probes into the dynamic between 
discourse and
affect, between larger rhetorical strategies and ineffable states of 
expression, and moves toward a performative politics that can 
accommodate a multiplicity of somatic and symbolic registers.

For further information on Under Fire, including archives of past
discussions, please visit http://jordancrandall.com/underfire.

Organized by Jordan Crandall and Anselm Franke

Brian Holmes is an essayist and activist-researcher. He has a Ph.D. in
Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of California at
Berkeley, and now lives in Paris, collaborating with journals such as
Multitudes (Paris), Springerin (Vienna) and Brumaria (Barcelona). All
his work can be found online at www.u-tangente.org, including the collective
project "Continental Drift" as well as the books HIEROGLYPHS OF THE 

Thomas Keenan teaches literary theory, media studies and human rights at
Bard College, where he directs the Human Rights Project.  He is the
ETHICS AND POLITICS (1997) and the editor of two volumes documenting 
and analyzing the wartime journalism of Paul de Man -- Paul de Man, 
1939-1943 and RESPONSES (1988/1989) and two volumes on THE END(S) OF THE
MUSEUM (1995).  His latest book is an edited volume, with Wendy Chun,
called NEW MEDIA, OLD MEDIA, just published by Routledge.

Gema Martin Munoz is Professor of the Sociology of the Arab an (...)