[rohrpost] So. 28.10. 21 Uhr: Pirate Cinema Second Season Final Episode

pirate cinema berlin sebastian at rolux.org
Fre Okt 26 12:25:29 CEST 2007

                                                                    Pirate Cinema
                                                                    Second Season
                                                                    Final Episode

                                                         Sunday, October 28, 9 pm
                                                        Tucholskystr 6, 2nd floor
                                                       Film begins at 10 pm sharp

                                                                       Free entry
                                                                     Cheap drinks
                                                                     Copies to go


To finish with a number of frequently asked questions:

- What film are you showing on Sunday?

- Is it really going to be the last screening?

- Will there be a third season, and if yes, when and where?

- What is going to happen with the building?

- Why do people usually spend more time at endings, at openings or closings,
   than in between, where things actually happen?

- What happened between the first and the second season?

- What is the "Wiederaufbau für Kreditanstalt"?

- Who made the furniture?

- Where can I download all the movies?

- Did you never get into trouble?

- How many screenings does it take until the claim that is Pirate Cinema is
   adequately formulated and sufficiently proven?

- I understand the idea behind Pirate Cinema, but what do you mean by
   "proprietary cinema"?

- Are there any corrections or additions to be made to the second season?

- Why were you in Rostock?

- Would you accept an invitation to ______?

- I'm a journalist, can I write about Pirate Cinema, now that it's over?

- What is the relation between the announcements and the screenings?

- Do you have any plans for "Pirate Cinema: The Book"?

- And why not "Pirate Cinema: The Movie"?

- Is the "Cinema" in "Pirate Cinema" purely accidental?

- And does the "Berlin" in "Pirate Cinema Berlin" still make any sense?

- Who else has seen people pick up empty bottles from barricades, in Kreuzberg?

- And who else has recently seen the fox, in Mitte?

We are looking forward to receiving your answers. Thank you.