[rohrpost] (curating) interference

carlos katastrofsky carlos.katastrofsky at cont3xt.net
Mon Okt 20 21:15:46 CEST 2008

(curating) interference
exhibition announcement & call for participation
denmark, october - december 2008

curating interference
(annette finnsdottir, carlos katastrofsky)
open to public participation
10/20/2008 - 11/20/2008

the aim of the project is to discuss the working methods and the task
of a curator within a networked environment. curating on the internet
is a working process that wants to be visible in the same way as the
processes frequently hidden behind internet-based art. the curator
acts not only as an intermediary in the presentation of art but also
according to his own filtering processes, choices and decisions. the
transparency of his work is highly relevant for the transparency of
the presented artworks and aims to get a broad public involved in a
collective discourse. metaphorically speaking, the constant and
ongoing publication of a "curator's notebook" contributes to the
visualisation of a workflow that does not only show the final results
of this process in form of an exhibition. it unfolds the existence of
a network of non-linear thoughts, relational research and deductive as
well as inductive filtering processes.

this discussion is open to public participation. please register and
join our debates.

discussion forum: http://cont3xt.net/interference
registration: http://cont3xt.net/interference/discuss/ucp.php?mode=register

interference (2005-2008)
by carlos katastrofsky
12/06/2008 - 03/09/2009

on december 6th 2008 the vienna-based media artist carlos katastrofsky
opens his second single exhibition with the title "interference" and
shows a selection of mainly internet-based artworks from 2005 to 2008.
the exhibition with a focus on conceptual and minimal strategies
within the field of internet-based art is organised in a decentral way
by the platform netfilmmakers.dk and curated by annette finnsdottir.
it will take place at three different venues in denmark and online
and, additionally, will be accompanied by a discussion forum, which is
open for public participation from now on.

spanien 19C, aarhus - http://www.spanien19c.dk
mikrogalleriet, copenhagen - http://www.mikrogalleriet.net
netfilmmakers, online - http://netfilmmakers.dk

more details to be announced in soon.