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Mon Sep 28 01:29:31 CEST 2009

Directors Lounge proudly presents:
Daniel Cockburn
- zerofunctional video work -

Z-Bar Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Directors Lounge presents Canadian artist Daniel 
Cockburn, a current fellow at DAAD Berliner 
Künstlerprogramm. Daniel Cockburn often appears 
in his own films and also is the author of his 
screenplays. He is not playing himself, but he 
enacts the main character of his script. "I am 
interested in this blank face without emotions. 
It becomes a projection surface for anything that 
happens in the film, like the Kuleshov Effect".

His films seem to exist in-between genres. Some 
of the emotional settings in his films possibly 
recall psychological mind-sets of science fiction 
novels of authors like Stanislaw Lem, without 
having any of the stage designs of Sci-fi films. 
They do not play in "future times"; however, they 
envision for example loops of recurring scenes as 
a maze without exit, or the editing of a film as 
something the protagonist of the film becomes 
aware of.

Another strategy of the filmmaker is 
appropriation. That is most visible in films made 
of "found footage"; but also in his camera films, 
he "steals" ideas from other texts, films or 
music. It thus may lead to interesting 
interpretations that in his latest project, "You 
Are Here" - a feature film that is starring 
actors and uses stage design again - finding and 
archiving material play a big role in the 
narration. A story that again imparts some 
claustrophobic suspense along with scepticism 
towards simple narratives.

A further border crossing may be Daniel's 
involvement with performance art. Here, his 
interest in direct relations between written 
text, body and voice become even more apparent.

On Sept. 30, Daniel Cockburn will present at 
Z-Bar the short films in which he took more 
liberty and a thus more experimental stance than 
in some of his other films. And we will see one 
episode of his upcoming feature "You Are Here" as 
a preview. The filmmaker will be present at the 
screening for introduction and Q&A after the show.

(Klaus W. Eisenlohr)

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