[rohrpost] SAY CHEESE GOES CHDK. Workshop. Berlin. June 10-13, 2010

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Don Apr 29 16:28:52 CEST 2010

SAY CHEESE GOES CHDK - Eyes on creative workshop & hacked cameras'
meeting. (No permanent changes, no warranty, free to use and modify..)

With: Kubo Ludma Czechoslovakia->Berlin
Organized: Natalia Borissova/aa-vv.org / TAZ
Hosted: Stephan Kallage/West Germany

June 10 - 13, 2010. 1PM - 7PM daily
June 13, 2010. From 7PM - X-position

@WEST GERMANY Skalitzer str.133 10999 Berlin

How to get unbelievable functionality out of the cheap point-and-shoot
Canon photo-camera by installing CHDK and scripts onto it.
You will be exploring the possibilities and limitations of CHDK while
doing fun small projects individually or together; acquire skills necessary
to write and debug small programs for the camera; mastering your own
remote shutter release, battery packs and other hardware without risking
damaging your camera as well as to repairing (seemingly) defective ones;
making videos from photographs using free software; compiling programs,
and benefiting from the situation where 15 hacked cameras meet together.
(Syncing all cameras and arranging some fast rugged 'matrix' shot,
for instance..)

CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) is a widespread unofficial software
add-on for cheap digital CANON compact cameras that can get unbelievable
functionality out of them: Shooting in raw, automating camera actions with
scripts, making time lapse videos, super-fast motion detection (able to
catch lightning strikes), extremely short and long exposures, syncing two
cameras for stereo photography, rugged film scanning, luminography -
painting with light, microscopic photography/depth-of-field stacking,
book scanning, aerial photography, stop motion animation, bracketing/high
dynamic range, syncing many cameras, using as text file reader, games,
communication with other equipment..

The workshop aimed at:
15 experimentally working (anti)-artists/-photographers/-animators/
-movie makers/-sexy models, amateur astronomers, those who
are not-so-technically versed and experience frustration when
running into computer problems and those who could do this
on their own, but would like to do it with us.

To participate, drop a line to: workshop [at] aa-vv [dot] org
briefly outlining your interests. URL would be helpful too.

Fee: 55,- Euro/The whole lot

Registration until June 1, 2010

Further details: http://www.aa-vv.org


Please forward to anyone interested