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highly recommended.
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I'm pleased to announce the release of Entangled: Technology and the  
Transformation of Performance from the MIT Press.

Entangled: Technology and the Transformation of Performance
Chris Salter
Foreward by Peter Sellars
This ambitious and comprehensive book explores technology’s  
influence on artistic performance practices in the twentieth and  
twenty-first centuries. In Entangled, Chris Salter shows that  
technologies, from the mechanical to the computational—from a  
"ballet of objects and lights" staged by Diaghilev's Ballets Russes  
in 1917 to contemporary technologically enabled "responsive  
environments"—have been entangled with performance across a wide  
range of disciplines. Salter examines the rich and extensive history  
of performance experimentation in theater, music, dance, the visual  
and media arts, architecture, and other fields; explores the  
political, social, and economic context for the adoption of  
technological practices in art; and shows that these practices have a 

set of common histories despite their disciplinary borders.

Each chapter in Entangled focuses on a different form: theater  
scenography, architecture, video and image making, music and sound  
composition, body-based arts, mechanical and robotic art, and  
interactive environments constructed for research, festivals, and  
participatory urban spaces. Salter’s exhaustive survey and analysis 

shows that performance traditions have much to teach other emerging  
practices—in particular in the burgeoning fields of new media.  
Students of digital art need to master not only electronics and code  
but also dramaturgy, lighting, sound, and scenography. Entangled will 

serve as an invaluable reference for students, researchers, and  
artists as well as a handbook for future praxis.


"Entangled stays true to its name. It is one of those rare books that 

builds networks and bridges - between the body and technology, the  
material and the ephemeral, thinking and making."
—William Forsythe, Artistic Director, The Forsythe Company,  
Frankfurt Germany
"Salter's Entangled is a rich source book that presents the  
relationship between performance art and technology in a unique and  
broad perspective. The manifold artworks described in this  
overwhelming volume testify to the continuity of artistic exploration 

throughout the twentieth century and show how contemporary, digitally 

based practices are rooted in the lasting curiosity about what it  
means to be human in an age of ever-evolving machine systems."
—Andreas Broeckmann, art theorist and curator, Berlin

"The routes we usually take to tell our stories about media,  
architecture, embodiment, and movement are challenged here by all- 
terrain travel: to warp, sing, pixilate, fly. Cross-medial engagement 

in a wide variety of performance practices is carefully articulated,  
skillfully performed, smartly theorized, and rigorously historicized, 

helping us shake off the habitual media-versus-live, or human-versus- 
machine divide to tangle our sensibilities in far more interesting  
claims. This is an important book."
—Rebecca Schneider, Brown University

The Author:
Chris Salter is an artist, Assistant Professor of Design and  
Computation Arts at Concordia University, Montreal and researcher  
with the Hexagram institute for Research-Creation in Media Arts. His  
works, large-scale multimedia environments, have been exhibited  

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