[rohrpost] Dick el Demasiado - Cumbia experimental, Freitag in Kassel

Andreas Broeckmann ab at mikro.in-berlin.de
Mit Feb 10 12:36:21 CET 2010

drei Jahre nach seinem spektakulären Auftritt bei 
der transmediale, nach Ausflügen nach Mexiko und 
Japan - endlich zurück in Deutschland:


Freitag 12. Februar 2010, 22 Uhr

Am Freitag 12. Februar steht der Musiker, 
Künstler und Filmemacher Dick El Demasiado  auf 
der Nuevos Ricos-Bühne.

Der gebürtige Niederländer gilt als ’Godfather of 
Digital  Cumbia', einer Musikrichtung, die sich 
in den 1990er Jahre als elektronische Variante 
aus der kolumbianischen Cumbia-Tanzmusik 
entwickelte. Dick El Demasiado überschreitet 
musikalisch die Grenzen der traditionellen 
Rhythmen und verfolgt einen experimentellen 
Musikstil zwischen Rock und Electro.

"...cumbia has steadily spread to the world in 
the past several years and   into the club scene 
as well, led by Manu Chao and this eccentric 
Dutch man based in Argentina, Dick El Demasiado. 
If Manu was missionary   style, Dick is stand-up 
doggy style."   (Shinya Matsuyama, Intoxicate, 

Das Konzert beginnt um 22 Uhr, Einlass 21 Uhr. 
Die Ausstellungen sind von 21 bis 22 Uhr 
geöffnet.  Eintritt 3 Euro (mit Jahreskarte 
   Kunsthalle Fridericianum  Friedrichsplatz 18, 
34117 Kassel  www.fridericianum-kassel.de

Pressestimmen und Plattenkritiken:
"Musician. Filmmaker. Producer. Writer. Artist. 
Dick el Demasiado, known to his legion of  fans 
as the Cumbia king, has done it all. Breaking 
musical boundaries and relishing in the  success 
of a career that follows its own path, by bucking 
tradition he has embraced a  freedom that enables 
him to expand horizons most artists only dream 
(Stef Schwalb, Museyon Guides, USA, complete 
interview on 

  "Cumbia's B-to-D-class/comical latin flavor has 
been enhanced through  the powers of this 
exceptional talent. It's like the magical 
powers/strangeness  of Sensha Yoshida's absurd 
comics has been honed to a peak. (...)  If poison 
was served in such a large portion, it is the 
greatest poison."  marked: 9 out of 10 (Mitsuhiko 
Terashita, Music Magazine, Japan)

He aggressively crosses over the boarder of cumbia and pursues a
diverse style of music that reminds you of Frank 
Zappa, Tom Ze, and Biz   Markie (...) This artist 
is one who has tasted both the bitter and the 
sweet." (Masaaki Hara, in a second longer review 
, Music Magazine, Japan)

"His strange sound has gradually spread from 
Argentina to all over the   world. ZZK, a label 
that specializes in digital cumbia, also 
announces   influences by him and pays him 
respect by calling him 'Cumbia King'.   (...) 
While Dick's sounds are naturally based on the 
dull and cheap 2-beat,   they also relate to the 
US electro-rock of the '90s such as the 
Butthole Surfers and Sun City Girls, as well as 
the west-Japan
experimental rock such as Omoide Hatoba and the 
Boredoms."  (Shinya Matsuyama, Spa !, Japan)