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Spatial explorations in art, science, music and technology
25 – 28 February 2010, Amsterdam

• Highlights live performances & films
• New festival website with complete programme online
• Tickets for all Sonic Acts events available now

• Highlights live performances & films

DEEP SPACES - 25 February 2010
The opening event Deep Spaces presents a selection of audiovisual  
adventures in spaces defined by sound, light, smoke and lasers.  
Immerse yourself in Thomas Köner’s mesmerizing spatial sound  
tapestries, while his colleague, Jürgen Reble, takes you on a visual  
journey through the darker side of his alchemical chemograms. Haswell  
& Hecker will perform their radical UPIC Diffusion Session, an  
infinity of extreme sound and engulfing lasers. And Monolake and Tarik  
Barri will transport you through their spatial audiovisual universe.

EXPANDED SPACE - 26 February 2010
The Expanded Space programme revisits the heyday of Expanded Cinema.  
The magnificent film Color Sound Frames by Paul Sharits is dusted off  
for the big screen, Bruce McClure will show us a new performance he  
made with beautiful 16mm recordings of pelicans, from a 1950s nature  
documentary, and Greg Pope en Gert-Jan Prins will join forces to bring  
an homage to the 70s solid light film Line Describing A Cone by  
Anthony McCall.

ACOUSTIC SPACES - 27 February 2010
This more than four-hour-long programme is devoted to various  
approaches to soundscape composition and features works produced by  
several generations of composers and musicians. From acoustic ecology  
to extreme field recordings: BJ Nilsen will present his latest  
thunderstorm recordings, Booming dunes from the Oman deserts by Jacob  
Kirkegaard, and Gilles Aubry will take us on a sonic journey across  
european airports.

BEYOND SPACE - 28 February 2010
An extraordinary programme in a remarkable location: the Beyond Space  
event in the Artis Planetarium includes the international premiere of  
a composition by the recently deceased innovative composer Maryanne  
Amacher, a new audiovisual work by the Italian multi-talent TeZ;  
Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand will explore the space with laser  
and soap bubbles, accompanied by live audio by Francisco López; and  
the British designer Paul Prudence brings a visual spectacle specially  
designed for the Planetarium dome.

• New festival website with complete programme online
As of this week the new festival website is online with the complete  
programme, background information, a timetable and much more.

Also now available for download the programme booklet as PDF.

• Tickets for all Sonic Acts events available now
Ticket pre-sale for all Sonic Acts events has started via de Balie,  
Paradiso, Ticket Service, and other regular pre-sale addresses.
For an overview of all available tickets visit the ticket page: http://2010.sonicacts.com/ticket-information/

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