[rohrpost] Uwe Seeler speaks of "Heimat"

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Sam Jun 26 21:40:30 CEST 2010


Dear Fanatics

German kicker legend idiot Uwe Seeler speaks of "Heimat" (Home) and 
acts as the Homefrontsoccersucker who stayed home, stays home, praises 
home, is home. Our new weapon lauds the bullshitting of this bullshit.

Please LOADDOWN for free as free beer and free football the fresh 

                            Uwu Zeela (R)

            Fuck your home XXL - Get the 45 min. mp3 NOW!

              here: http://www.n0name.de/38317/uwuzeela

                (82.4 MB, 256 Kbps, 44100 Hz, Stereo)

Copy to whatever, play it loud two times during the football/soccer 
match on TV (2 x 45:00), during sex, while dishwashing or at work and 
enjoy. Please don't worry! This MP3 is not White Noise, it is mostly 
Black Noise. The incredible unhearable subliminal racisms on the track 
will eliminate your believe in colonialism damn straight!

Uwu Zeela (R) is a quality product by www.38317.tk

supper by FIFA

              Gleichschaltung. And the games can go on.

The choice for fans of the nation

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here: http://www.n0name.de/38317/vuvuzela-ex

(c) 2010 n0name


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