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Don Apr 14 19:50:27 CEST 2011

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 > Hallo,
 > eine Bekannte sucht kurzfristig Interviewpartner_innen: Hackers/Coders.
 > Bitte meldet euch direkt bei ihr:Braybrooke.k at gmail.com  
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 > Gerne weiterleiten!
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 > I am researching a new generation of women between the ages of about 20
 > and 32, often dubbed 'hacktivists' or 'culturejammers', that are part of
 > hacking and open source communities. In addition to championing typical
 > technical coder knowledge, they are also known to work as
 > anti-capitalist artists, community builders and Creative Commons
 > evangelists. They represent an emerging movement which has been
 > formative in the organization of hackathons and tech salons that mix
 > traditionally subversive hacktivism with open source programming,
 > thereby changing the meaning of politicized terms like 'hacker' and 
 >> From April to August 2011, as part of my MSc thesis in Digital
 > Anthropology / Internet Theory from University College London (UCL), I
 > am looking for female representatives from London and Berlin to help me
 > undertake an immersive ethnography into these new hacker subcultures. I
 > am particularly interested in whether they feel they have affected -- or
 > have been affected by -- these environments, in comparison to an
 > infamous 2006 study by Bernhard Krieger and James Leach, which found
 > that only 1.5% of F/LOSS ("free/libre/open source") community members
 > were female.
 > I will be visiting Berlin from the 14th to the 24th of April and would
 > love to talk with any female coders / hackers in the area. If interested
 > please contact Kat Braybrooke<mailto:Braybrooke.k at gmail.com>  and feel
 > free to forward to others.
 > http://shehackers.tumblr.com/