[rohrpost] SPEED SHOW vol.5:’Open Internet’ - Paris, 13 Jan

Aram Bartholl bartholl at datenform.de
Fre Jan 7 14:55:16 CET 2011

*SPEED SHOW vol.5:’Open Internet’ – Paris*

SPEED SHOW vol.5: ‘Open Internet’
Welat Internetcafe
12 Rue d’Enghien, Paris G-map http://bit.ly/hclYBj
13th January  2011
7:00-11:00 PM

F.A.T. lab after party at
Le dune cafe http://www.ledune.fr
18 avenue claude vellefaux, Paris

Curated and produced by:
Aram Bartholl, Marie Lechner & Anne Roquigny

Participating artists:
Anonymous, Jean-Baptiste Bayle, Christophe Bruno, Claude Closky, Marika 
Dermineur, Caroline Delieutraz, Constant Dullaart, JODI, Jérôme Joy, 
Tobias Leingruber, Aymeric Mansoux / Dave Griffiths / Marloes de Valk, 
Albertine Meunier, Geraldine Juarez feat. M.I.A., Evan Roth, Systaime, 
VideOdrome, La Quadrature (Jérémie Zimmermann)

*Open Internet*

2010 showed the beauty of open Internet culture at full scale. 
Governments and powerful industry interest groups are trying more than 
ever to establish new regulations and tools to control the net. The 
Internet must stay open and neutral! Make sure your (online-) life or 
business is not dependant on a single large company or cut down by 
governments. It is important to keep rethinking net structures and to 
escape the mainstream social vortex which is incapable to reflecting on 
itself. Internet art and net subcultures play a very important role in 
questioning and deconstructing the day to day web defaultism and global, 
digital industries.

We are very pleased to present an exquisite selection of 
internationally-known artists at SPEED SHOW vol.5 ‘Open Internet’ – 
Paris. A wide range of brand new art works created especially for ‘Open 
Internet’  discuss the current impact of Internet pop culture, open 
source, and minimal amateur and radical options of the Open Internet. A 
combination of excellent Paris-based, internationally-know artists and 
restless Open Internet advocates form the perfect base for a promising 
opening night at the awesome Welat cyber cafe Paris.

Aram Bartholl 2011

All prior Speed Shows documented here http://fffff.at/speed-show

The SPEED SHOW exhibition format:

Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on 
them for one night. All art works of the participating artists need to 
be on-line (not necessarily public) and are shown in a typical browser 
with standard plug-ins. Performance and life pieces may also use 
pre-installed communication programs (instant messaging, VOIP, video 
chat etc). Custom software (except browser add-ons) or off-line files 
are not permitted. Any creative physical modification to Internet cafe 
itself is not allowed. The show is public and takes place during normal 
opening hours of the Internet cafe/shop. All visitors are welcome to 
join the opening, enjoy the art (and to check their email.)

SPEED SHOW manifest by Aram Bartholl 2010