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Mit Jun 1 10:41:53 CEST 2011

invitation to the 700MBG opening:

 "SINGLE SIGN ON" by Florian Kuhlmann, Germany

starting today, june 1st, at www.700MBG.com

In his solo show the artist presents his signature on a blank and yet recordable compact disc.

Besides offering his 700 MB space to the audience - as a blank "masterpiece" that is signed by the artist beforehand and has to be fullfilled by the collector or simply a wickedly expensive and trashy DIY design storage space - he touches fundamental questions of authorship, material, media, marketing and arts. He combines the idea of uniqueness and originality with mass production, plays with the process of writing on- and into and with simply tagging the carrier he draws the attention onto the cd as an object while at the same time he is encouraging the imagination for the infinite possibilities that might have been or maybe will occur in the digital space on/in it.

Facing the piece one could think of a painting, of an object, an invitation to collaborate with the artist, a concept, a reference to street-art, a refusal, a joke, a divine state of digital nothingness, a romantic gesture, another quickseller, a fancy add-on for your desk that applies some nice colors in your room whenever the sun shines onto it, a contract, a hybrid of content and container, a neat status symbol of evolution, …

Everybody welcome to think along!


best regards,

phillip + stefan

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