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performance art studies with bbb johannes deimling

# 20 | in context

17. – 29. august 2011 / berlin, germany
in cooperation with grimmuseum, berlin

   - deadline for applications 5th of august 2011 - 


in context is a new study format of pas. for the second time pas is invited by enrico centonze to the grimmuseum in berlin. in july 2010 we had a successful pastudies with the topic extension (link) as part of the performance art program at the grimmuseum, curated by andres galeano.
the first in context edition will focus performance art in context of the museum. to live and to work in the grimmuseum is one aspect of the studies. pas in context will ask specific questions about the context of performance art in relation with the museum. performance art is often recognized as an ephermal art form. how we are able to place our works into the context of a museum? or how we can use the specific directions of a museum for the creation of our works? with this discourse we want to take part in the running discussions about documentation and preserving the relics of performance art pieces. the aim of this 12 days studies is to work out a performance and to present this as part of the final presentation in one museum in berlin and as well in the grimmuseum.

we are very happy to announce that the polish performance artist antoni karwowski and the german art historian johannes lothar schroeder will be guest teachers during the 20th edition of pastudies at the grimmuseum. antoni karwowski will give a one day workshop and will give the participants a specific direction within the given topic. johannes lothar schroeder will give a one day lecture about performance art in the context of art history. both will help to strengthen the outcome of the performances at the final presentation.

working method and strategies

with the guidance and direction of the facilitators, participants will use a variety of
techniques and exercises to focus perception of one’s own personality, develop skills to communicate
with the body, and transform ideas into a performative work. personal perception and experience
colour and characterize how we communicate and deal with the body in time and space during
performance. the main objective of pastudies is to understand the body as a tool and to use this
tool to communicate effectively in performance. 
besides the artistic opportunity, PAStudies provide some cultural specials.

pas – performance art sudies offer:

– to develop an art performance with technical, pedagogical and artistical guidance 
– to investigate and work with a variety of performative exercises in various conditions, in- and outdoor which focuses on: body, time, space, concentration, endurance (both in groups and individually) and images.
– a final public presentation of the performance (media promotion, poster, mailing) and final celebration 
– video and photo documentation of the 12-days process and final presentation, made by matthias pick (photography) and christopher hewitt (video), 
– publication of the documentation on pas website and other performance art related websites and blogs,
– a one day workshop with the polish performance artist antoni karwowski
– a one day workshop with the german art historian dr. johannes lothar schroeder
– contacts with artists, curators and art institutions in germany
– meeting and cooperation with other like-minded people from other countries 
– encounters, lectures and discussions with other invited berlin based performance artists 
– context of the place, german history and culture 
– free accommodation in berlin, germany (12 days)

==> the studies are ideal for art students, young artists and all other people who are interested in performance art. the range of ages in the past pastudies was from 17 to 62 and the level of experience is not a criteria for to participate in pastudies. usually the group is composed by international artists coming from different backgrounds and different parts of the world.
==> pastudies takes place at least with 8 participants.


==> deadline for applications is 5th of august 2011
==> teaching language is english 
==> price: 600 € (4.670 nok, 751 chf, 2.364 pln, 803 usd, 514 £) 
confirmed registrations before the 1st of april 2011, the pastudies will cost: 550 € (4.280 nok, 688 chf, 2.167 pln, 736 usd, 471 £)
==> price does not include travel costs 
==> during the 12-day together we will have self supply.

Please check: http://pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de/index.php?/2011/-20--in-context/