[rohrpost] Mini Residency in Berlin

Mindaugas Gapsevicius miga at o-o.lt
Don Aug 2 09:23:55 CEST 2012

Offer: 1 week Mini Residency
Residency fee: 250 EUR
Dates: October-December 2012
Deadline: August 20th, 2012
More info: http://pot.top-ev.de

The >top e.v. association opens up so called POT Mini Residencies in
Berlin. We are looking for Cultural Producers with an interdisciplinary
approach and affinity to Media from different countries who want to
realise artistically and / or theoretically a thematic or media work in
Berlin during *one week* in October, November or December 2012. Our
proposal for a topic is:

“Poor but Sexy”

While opening the annual art show in Berlin in 2011, the mayor of the
city Klaus Wowereit (Social Democrats) made a notorious statement:
“Berlin is poor but sexy”. What happens with cities if artists,
theorists, the ‘creative class’ comes and leave? How do they feel and
shall they turn concerns into pieces and works? What is the economy of
such tourism, or is the city already over-globalized?

Please send a PDF (max 2 MB) with a description of your project, your
contact information and if possible a download link (URL) of a work
sample (MP3, Video, Graphics, Text, maximum 100 MB) and the preferred
week of your stay (Monday to Friday) until August 20th, 2012 to:

Mini Residency Berlin, residency(at)top-ev.de

We provide accommodation and space for exhibition, presentations,
lectures, performances etc. Additionally we may offer a local
1-Hour-Radioslot on a senderberlin.org frequency incl. stream. The work
will be promoted and documented.

The fee has to be payed by the resident and goes directly to the top
e.V. and covers project costs. The financing of travel and living
(except lodging) and all materials must be covered by the applicant. We
issue an official invitation letter after the decision and help with
grant seeking and immigration formalities.

This Residency is supported by OKK in Berlin (kritische-kunst.org).
Thanks to colaboradio at senderberlin.org. The nonprofit association top
e.V. operates since 2002 in the field of aesthetic production, see also

For further questions please contact: Mindaugas Gapsevicius or Matze
Schmidt, residency(at)top-ev.de