[rohrpost] Dead Tree Lovers coming to #32c3: Call for Books

Moritz moritz at unkonstruktiv.de
Die Nov 10 02:18:29 CET 2015


Like last year, in a collaboration with La Quadrature du Thé, the "Dead
Tree Lovers" will bring a library of now over 700 books for your reading
pleasure to the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg (Dec 27-30).

For the first time last year, it was an experiment to see if people can
actually cool down enough during the busy days of Congress to even
browse through the shelves, let alone sit down and read. It was a full
success. I am still amazed by the looks of up to ten people sitting on
our couches and chairs and the carpet, _reading_!

We have rare early publications of the CCC, an almost complete archive
of the Datenschleuder, multiple copied of the Hackerbibles, and a lot more.

We don't have final confirmation yet, but I assume we will be stationed
again on the fourth floor at the teahouse.

If you have books that should be in the library, bring them along! You
can pick them up again at the end of Congress, or leave them to be in
our permanent installation, and request it back any time. You can also
send books by (postal) mail.