[rohrpost] Easterndaze x Berlin - DIY Music Topographies - Concerts, Film Screenings from Eastern European and Berlin Electronic Underground Scenes. Sept. 28-Oct. 9 @ silent green Kulturquartier and Lichtblick Kino Berlin

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Easterndaze x Berlin: DIY Music Topographies

Concert Series, Film Screenings

Venues: silent green Kulturquartier, Lichtblick Kino

September 28 - October 9, 2016



Beyond folklore clichés and Cold War discourse, below the radar of the 
tastemaking music press, DIY, alternative, independent music scenes are 
thriving in Central and Eastern Europe: from electronics and noise to 
ironic-deconstructive takes on traditional and marginalized local 
musical styles like Manele and Chalga.

The blog Easterndaze (easterndaze.net) explores and maps local DIY 
scenes operating in a digital realm, introduces the creative 
personalities and collectives behind them and provides context. The 
concert & film screening series *Easterndaze x Berlin: DIY Music 
Topographies, *curated by Lucia Udvardyová, presents music collectives 
from Budapest, Bucharest, Prague and Warsaw and pairs each of them with 
groups from Berlin's diverse DIY scenes. The concert series takes place 
at *silent green Kulturquartier*, a new cultural space situated in the 
former crematorium Wedding. The collectives will also exhibit artefacts 
of their unique visual identities such as flyers, covers and video 
works. Documentary films linked to the musical acts and exploring DIY 
music culture in various Eastern European cities and Berlin are 
screening at *Lichtblick Cinema*. Easterndaze x Berlin brings together 
the most interesting and idiosyncratic collectives and cultural 
activists from Central /Eastern Europe and Berlin, such as Future 
Nuggets (Bucharest), Christoph de Babalon (Berlin), WIDT (Warsaw), 
Farbwechsel (Budapest), KETEV (Berlin), Praxis (Berlin) and many others. 
The festival is a continuation of Easterndaze: DIY Music Topographies, 
an exhibition and event series with alternative and underground 
musicmakers organized for the OFF Biennale Budapest in 2015.

The musical line up includes artists from the following collectives.

Berlin-based *Portals Editions*opens the festival on September 29. 
*Portals Editions*is an artist-driven collective originally founded to 
promote each member's own musical projects which expanded into a network 
for musicians applying first wave Industrial ideas of Magick and 
metaphysics to create music that explores a path of drone and 
deconstructed dance music, using an array of electronic and 
electro-acoustic tools. Portals Editions' international line up features 
*KETEV, Noumeno, Silver Waves, Circular Ruins*and*Arikon*(1/2 of 
*Gainstage*). Portals also presents the Berlin premiere of Jan St. 
Werner's video installation 'Black Manual'. Jan St. Werner has produced 
stark Op Art animations enhancing the potent transformational powers of 
each of the 4 remixes done for his collaborative project, Black Manual, 
with Brazilian Candomble percussionists by Cut Hands, KETEV, Bleed 
Turquoise (James Ginzburg of Emptyset), and Format01 (Dirk Leyers of 
Africaine 808) which will be released on vinyl this Autumn via Portals 
Editions. Also feeding off the trans- and post-humanist associations of 
former crematorium silent green is Portals Editions' opposite number 
*Farbwechsel*from Budapest, a driving force behind that city's DIY 
electronic music scene. Label head *Martin Mikolai*will perform under 
his nom de musique *S Olbricht*.

The second night (September 30) features Prague-based label *Baba 
Vanga*. *Baba Vanga*releases - experimental electronic music on the 
fringes of techno, noise and glitch, always looking for the 
idiosyncratic, undefinable and uncategorisable. Releases are limited 
editions of high-quality MC cassettes professionally duplicated, hand 
assembled mostly containing original artwork from the musicians 
themselves. *Baba Vanga*'s line up at Easterndaze x Berlin comprises 
*St**ř**ed Sv**ĕ**ta*from the Czech Republic and New Zealand-Berlin act 
*Tlaotlon. *Echoingthe evening's post-net aesthetic, *Trade*from Berlin 
presents***Ziúr*and other acts from its network.

On the third night (October 1), *Future Nuggets *from Bucharest takes 
the stage.The collective was founded by Romanian producers, diggers and 
musicians in search of a local psychedelic scene informed by the past 
but made for the times to come, w/hether rediscovering past jewels or 
creating own present-day hybrids of prog, electronica and Manele. At 
Easterndaze x Berlin Future Nuggets will present the enigmatic 
//*Australopitecus Oltensis*//, creating primitive techno, 
unsophisticated dub melancholia and cave reverb with strictly analogue 
tools – and a Soviet manufactured radio transistor to capture ether 
frequencies on stage. Pranksters not unlike //*Future 
Nuggets,*//Berlin's //*Sameheads*//, from its project space in the 
Neukölln district, has become a hub for parties, mixtape releases, 
community radio, blogging, art and fashion events, all loosely unified 
by a post-identity, post-anything aesthetic and sense of fun. British 
digital performance group //*Kimatica*//embodies the 
//*Sameheads*//spirit with a set that operates at the intersection 
between the human body, perception and interactive technology. //*Novo 
Line*//celebrates retro computing technology such as Atari and the 
floppy disk to create Algorithmic Body Music./

The closing night of Easterndaze x Berlin (October 3) is devoted to a 
collaboration with *Christoph de Babalon*(Berlin) and *WIDT *(Warsaw). 
De Babalon is a legend of Berlin's electronic underground, working with 
Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore Recordings, creating a signature sound of 
extreme complexity in construction and complete experimentation in form 
that spans many electronic genres including noise, soundscapes, dark 
ambient, drum and bass and breakcore. WIDT are two sisters who create 
hypnotic tracks with pulsating rhythms glossolalic, operatic vocals and 
colorful, psychedelic visuals with a VHS-like retro feel, created from 
scratch in realtime. The evening will be complemented by the 
presentation of visual artefacts of the anarchist music and media 
collective *Praxis*.

The film series at Lichtblick features documentaries linked to and 
expanding on the music performances. The film series opens with “31 
Endings/31 Beginnings” by Prague art and music collective Rafani who 
will attend the screening. Further highlights include the Berlin 
premiere of “Dream Images” by Sorin Luca (attending) about legendary 
Romanian prog-electronica musician Rodion G.A.; “Balta Alba”, Silviu 
Monteanu's kaleidoscopic look at alternative music scenes like hip hop, 
punk and electronic music in Bucharest; “Nothing Essential Happens in 
the Absence of Noise” about Berlin collective Praxis, “East Punk 
Memories” by Lucile Chaufour which follows key figures in the Hungarian 
punk scene from the 80s until today; a special work in progress 
screening of “A Room of One's Own”, a documentary portrait the 
Bratislava electronic underground by Paulína Mačáková (attending), 
accompanied by films about leading Slovakian composers Martin Burlas and 
Ladislav Kupkovič and the “Sounds Queer” workshop and screening with 
director Dan Dansen (attending). “Sounds Queer” is a portrait of Tama 
Sumo and other LGBTQI* DJs/DJanes active in Berlin club culture; “15 
Corners of the World”, an innovative tribute to Polish electronic music 
pioneer Eugeniusz Rudnik by Zuzanna Solakiewicz; and Spanish filmmaker 
Muriel Buzarra's filmic quest for the “Beograd Underground”.

Full music and film program at *berlin.easterndaze.net*

*Easterndaze x Berlin*is funded by Musicboard Berlin and the 
German-Czech Future Fund and supported by the EUNIC Network of European 
Cultural Institutes in Berlin, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the 
Czech Center Berlin, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and the Slovakian 

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