[rohrpost] Open Call: JRC SciArt Summer School 2022 (22-24 June 2022)

Ingeborg Reichle ingeborg.reichle at kunstgeschichte.de
Fr Jan 21 09:06:10 CET 2022

Open Call: JRC SciArt Summer School 2022 in Ispra (IT),

Artists across creative disciplines, countries and at any stage of 
their career are invited to submit an application to participate in 
the Resonances IV Summer School.

As a melting pot of perspectives and disciplines, the Summer School 
will be a fertile ground for fermenting ideas on the theme of 
NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract.

The programme reaches out to artists producing work in the rich lands 
between art and science, whose work engages diverse audiences, and who 
show strong interest in scientific inquiry.

Deadline: 15 February 2022

The summer school: The purpose of the summer school is to invite 
artists to explore and be inspired by the challenges of doing science 
for policy. JRC scientists and policy-makers will be part of this 
group, jointly discussing and discovering the theme of NaturArchy in 
its contexts and perspectives.

Through this process, we wish to create a safe haven where artists and 
JRC scientists have the possibility to engage in high-quality 
pioneering collaborations.

We hope these exchanges will lead to inspiring projects and works of 
art at the intersection of the arts, sciences, and society.

Of greatest interest are works that spill over from art and research 
cenacles into the streets.

A maximum of 20 artists will be selected and invited as experts 
according to European Commission rules to participate actively to a 
summer school workshop.

At the end of the summer school, they will be invited to submit a 
project proposal that combines research and production in view of a 
more extensive residency at one of the JRC sites in Europe.

If selected, the proposal will be produced and showcased at the JRC, 
with the possibility to exhibit, subsequently, in a major European venue.

Curatorial Statement: NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract

Trees, forests, rivers, mountains, seas, stardust, DNA — imagine the 
environment not as the backdrop of our activities, imagine objects of 
nature not as items to be appropriated or exploited, but as subjects 
with intrinsic value and full juridical rights. Cancel the tired 
subject-object dichotomy between person and environment, the obsolete 
opposition nature and culture that does not hold in view of modern 
scientific discoveries; do away with conditions of mastery, 
appropriation, and submission; reimagine human concerns as 
unreservedly dependent on the natural world, integrated within nature. 
Only such a shift in our conceptualisation of nature can change our 
deep relation to the matter, species, ecosystems around us. A real 
Green Deal requires a systemic change of ground.

Pushing beyond Rousseau’s social contract, NatureArchy: Towards a 
Natural Contract, calls for a more inclusive and equitable contract 
with our environment. Establishing a different relation with nature is 
a prime condition to acquire the necessary attitudes and skills to 
combat global warming.

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