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Fri, 16 Nov 2001 12:38:47 +0000

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"Messed-Up Games"

SelectParks is putting together a large public  database of experiments and 
artworks exploring the use and/or  modification of computer gaming 

Of particular interest is work coming from either a fine-arts or 
theoretical perspective. We are also interested in work purely concerned 
with exploring the limits of the technology:


3D engine hacks
Architectural Investigations
Gameboy and handheld hacks
Game to real world applications [eg: robotics]
AI / Bot design
Console modifications
Game Engines for audio installation / performance
Renderer Hacks [PanQuake etc]
Research on Platform Independence / Portability
Written Theory

SelectParks is not interested in game-related illustrations, conventional 
level design, tags and skins, or work that celebrates in-game exploits.

While work does not have to result in an operable game, it must directly 
engage gaming technology specifically, toward the ends of developing it for 
applications outside of the computer game marketplace..

We are also not seeking flash or shockwave games.

The site will feature:

Festival and Funding billboard
Online Multi-user Game Lab
Code repository
Some Other Things

Submissions [Due 26th November]:

For each submission we require either a 120 * 90 image or a 500k [or less] 
mp3, and two lines of text. From these we will link to your site. 
Alternatively we can link to a project page that we will make for you.

We will soon have servers for popular multi-user development platforms like 
Quake [II and Q3a], Unreal Tournament, with support also for Linux based 

The site will bring together the resources and innovations of the computer 
gaming and demo scenes in contact with those wishing to explore alternative 
applications for these rich technologies.

Please email nearhere@selectparks.net with questions and / or details of 
your project[s].