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saul ostrow so5@nyu.edu
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 08:01:45 -0500

Glade to see the level  of discourse  on this  list has reached new heights

porculus wrote:

> > Your attitude is so breathy and fatuous, like every US academic who reads the
> French bullshit theories of Reagantime; the attitude is like, French Gap fashion for
> profs.  It's so fuckin lame.
> > Check please motherfucker,
> breathy fatuous etc. bah who is out of such reach, just hope no more than my turn.
> for the rest please..have you forgotten i am jc vandam ? the half of 'french' tribe
> whom you drew evanescent et superstitionist figure would prefer to be some texan with
> even small horns on his car and other part even just a front quarter of a tacky
> mineapolis porno producer rather a whole jc vandam...and who hassle the entire
> world with all french heidegger & pk dick mangy parrots ? check & rock it baby