[spectre] spectres partially uncovered?

honor honor@va.com.au
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:36:04 +0000

hi all,

given the amount of unwanted spam mail i get per day (between 2 and 10 
marketing spam messages, and countless other slightly more 'friendly' spam 
messages), i think it unwise to publish the full list of subscribers' email 
addresses on a public list which is archived on the web.
it would be utterly straight forward for a web spider to locate the list of 
eddresses from the web archive, copy them all and immediately place 
everyone on spectre on a spam list if we did this.
by obscuring part of the addresses we at least protect the subscribers of 
the list from automated spam bots.

sure, if somebody really wanted to, its reasonably easy to manually copy 
the email addresses of the people who *post* to the list from the web 
archive. but it's be much more difficult to obtain a full list of the 
subscribers' email addresses (including the large number of lurkers).  if 
we made this data publically available in an email, we will be doing the 
spam bots' job for them.
i think you get a pretty good idea of who the subscribers' are, by listing 
the addresses partially.  you see the subscribers' domain (.de, .hr, .si 
etc) and the first part of their email address.