[spectre] zelig.rc2, Paris/F - net, comm, softw and electr resist

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Sun, 8 Dec 2002 17:46:42 +0100

A week of workshops, performances, encounters, debates around the issues
of networks, communication, free software and electronic resistance. A
week during which people will talk about technology, politics, desire,
creation and movement...

This program might be modified in the future - please visit the
zelig.rc2 website at http://www.zelig.org for confirmation

when                what                                         where

Monday, December 9th

6.30-9pm        >> Alternative internet for dummies        Vignoles

                >> Cryptography on Macintosh                CICP

                -- Palladium & TCPA                        CICP

                -- Cyberfeminist Open Mic                CICP

9.30-12pm        ** lalala "after" party: V.Hubert, Nodj,
                   Unagi Inu, Cha-Cha-Cha-Laptop-Orchestra,
                   Juicy Panic/Mami Chan+Norman Bambi,
                   Sylvie, Joanna Preiss + Guests
                   @ =E9of - 15 rue Saint Fiacre - 75002 Paris
                   Tube: grands boulevards - eof5@wanadoo.fr

Tuesday, December 10th

8.30-9pm        ++ SPIP, internet publishing system        CICP

                >> Free software for education                CICP
                   Installation of an abuledu server

                -- Everything you want to know about        Vignoles
                   STIC (french police file)

Wednesday, December 11th

10am-6pm        >> Free software for education                CICP
                   Demonstration of the Abuledu network

2pm-4pm                -- Video monitoring in France                CICP

2pm-6pm                >> Gender Changers Academy                Vignoles
                   Hands in machines

6.30-9pm        -- Women run machines                        Vignoles
                   in ex-Yougoslavia and Belgium

                >> Free software and office automation        Vignoles

                ++ AlternC: a tool for hosting                CICP

Thursday, December 12th

6.30-9pm        -- WiFi: wireless networks                CICP

                >> Gender Changers Academy                Vignoles
                   GNU/Linux for girls

                -- Free company: network of                 Vignoles
                   free-software related companies

                >> Mailing-list management                CICP

                -- Hackers, justice and media                CICP

=46riday, December 13th

6.30-9pm        -- The dangers of the extension of         CICP
                   intellectual property, with
                   Alexandre Dulaunoy

                >> pRiNT, plug'n'politix: radical         Vignoles
                   computing & politics

                -- Mad Europe - a panorama of                 CICP
                   securitarian laws in        Europe,
                   with Tony Bunyan (Statewatch)

                >> Firewalling on collective LANs        Vignoles

Saturday, December 14th

10-12.30am        -- Alternative communication : create         Vignoles
                   information outside media structures

                >> Cryptography on Windows                CICP

                >> Cryptography on GNU/Linux                CICP

2-4pm                ++ Glasnost (voting and information        Vignoles
                   sharing software)

                >> Encrypted filesystems on GNU/Linux        CICP

2-6pm                >> Suspects under surveillance :        CICP
                   securitarian laws overview

4-6pm                >> Cyberfeminism : revolution                Vignoles
                   meeting with Cornelia Sollfrank

6.30-9pm        ** Yesmen : 2 fake-WTO representatives        CICP
                   introduce their last actions in
                   Finland and Australia

10pm-...        ** Random "after" party

Sunday, December 15th

2-4pm                -- The ethics of free software,                CICP
                   with Lo=EFc Dachary

2-6pm                >> Network security : synsmurf,         CICP
                   tunnelling, etc.

                >> WiFi workshop : wireless networks        CICP

6.30pm                [ game over ]

"++" demonstrations ">>" workshops "--" discussions/debates "**" parties

Centre International des Cultures Populaires
        21ter, rue Voltaire, 75011 Paris
        Tube: "Rue des Boulets" or "Nation"

Les Vignoles
Conf=E9d=E9ration Nationale du Travail
        33, rue des Vignoles, 75020 Paris
        Tube: "Avron" or "Buzenval"


Please subscribe on http://www.zelig.org/inscriptions.php3 for workshops
(this is no way compulsory, but will help us to organise)

A detailed program is available on the web :


Propaganda ! Banners, flyers, posters, papers, etc. are available on

v1.5                                                   contact@zelig.org

Zelig.rc2 is organized by : Bugbrother, CNT-SII, FIL, Globenet,
LSIjolie, Madchat Reposito, nettime-fr, pRiNT, Ras l'Front,
samizdat.net, Les Virtualistes, as well as other individuals, monters,
mutants and cyborgs...

With support from : April, L'Autre Net, Anarchist Federation, Ouvaton,
Observatoire du droit des usagers (ODU), Pl@cenet

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