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Announcement of a new e-book:

Anu Koivunen and Susanna Paasonen (editors)

University of Turku, School of Art, Literature and Music Series A, N:o 49
ISBN 951-29-2237-1
296 pp.
E-book at http://www.utu.fi/hum/mediatutkimus/affective/proceedings.pdf
(& http://www.utu.fi/hum/mediatutkimus/affective/proceedings.html)
Media Studies, Turku 2001

Last September, University of Turku (Finland) hosted an international
conference on the broad issues of affectivity and embodiment. Now in all 34
workshop presentations from this conference have been published as an
e-book on line. Exploring how affects are constructed, experiences
signified and embodiment articulated, it features readings of film,
television, new media, advertisements and print journalism, as well as
arts, architecture and music. Approaches range from philosophical and
aesthetic to historical and sociological.

The e-book, as well as individual contributions (listed and linked at
http://www.utu.fi/hum/mediatutkimus/affective/proceedings.html) can be
downloaded at no cost. However, you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader
(preferrably version 5) which is available (at no cost) at


Anu Koivunen
Preface: The Affective Turn?

Sara Ahmed
Communities that Feel: Intensity, Difference and Attachment

Ana Paula Baltazar
Architecture as Interface: Forming and Informing Spaces and Subjects

Jennifer Lyon Bell
Character and Cognition in Modern Pornography

Rosemary Betterton
Spaces of Memory: Photographic Practices of Home and Exile

Joanna Bouldin
The Body, Animation and The Real: Race, Reality and the Rotoscope in Betty

Hannu Eerik=E4inen
Love Your Prosthesis Like Yourself: 'Sex', Text and the Body in Cyber Discou=

Taru Elfving
The Girl in Space-time: Encounters with and within Eija-Liisa Ahtila's
Video Installations

Amy Herzog
Affectivity, Becoming, and the Cinematic Event: Gilles Deleuze and the
=46utures of Feminist Film Theory

Katarina Jungar and Elina Oinas
Inventing "African Solutions": HIV Prevention and Medical Media

Sanna Karkulehto
Effects and Affects in Queer as Folk

Martta Kaukonen
"I Must Reveal a Shocking Secret": Transvestites in American Talk Shows

Jane Kilby
Tracking Shock: Some Thoughts on TV, Trauma, Testimony

Emmy Kurjenpuu
Women's Magazines Meet Feminist Philosophy

Minna Lahti
"I Thought I Would Become a Millionaire" - Desire and Disillusionment in
Silicon Valley, California

Mari-Elina Laukkanen
Ladies for Sale: The Finnish Press as Profiteer

Ilmari Leppihalme
Do Muscles Have a Gender? A Female Subject Building her Body in the Film
Pumping Iron II: the Women

Justine Lloyd and Lesley Johnson
The Three Faces of Eve: The Post-War Houswife, Melodrama and Home

Tapio M=E4kel=E4
Re-reading Digitality through Scientific Discourses of Cybernetics:
=46antasies of Disembodied Users and Embodied Computers

Norie Neumark
E/motional Machines: Esprit de Corps

Kaarina Nikunen
Dangerous Emotions? Finnish Television Fans and Sensibilities of Fandom

Sanna Ojaj=E4rvi
Visual Acts: Choreography of Touches, Glances and Movements Between Hosts
and Assistants on Television

Susanna Paasonen
Best Wives are Artefacts? Popular Cybernetics and Robot Women in the 1970s

Megan D. Pincus
Must They Be Famous Vaginas? The Effect and Affect of Celebrity on the
Vagina Monologues and V-day 2001

Liina Puustinen
Gender for Sale: Advertising Design as Technologies of Gender

Christine Ross
Depression and Video Art at the Turn of the Millenium: The Work of Diana Tha=

Leena-Maija Rossi
Why Do I Love and Hate the Sugarfolks in Syruptown? Studying the Visual
Production of Heteronormativity in Television Commercials

Janne Rovio
The Vintage Van Damme Look

Moira Sullivan
Lesbographic Pornography

Rebecca Sullivan
Biotechnological Embodiment: Gender and Scientific Anxiety in Horror Films

Heidi Tikka
Missing the Point - Situated User Experience and the Materiality of Interact=

Julie Turnock
A Catalysm of Carnage, Nausea, and Death: Saving Private Ryan and Bodily

Pasi V=E4liaho
An Audiovisual Brain: Towards a Digital Image of Thought in Jean-Luc
Godard's Histoire(s) du cin=E9ma

Hans Wessels
The Positioning of Lou Reed from a Profeminist Perspective

Jennifer Willet
Imagining the Self

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