[spectre] Feb.2: "Art, Activism + Technology" @ Name.Space Lab

cristine wang cristinewang@yahoo.com
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 22:02:14 -0800 (PST)

“Art Activism + Technology
in the Age of Corporate Globalism”

(The first in an ongoing series of talks,
performances, media, workshops, food + human

Saturday Feb. 2, 2002

Name.Space Lab
11 East 4th Street (2nd Floor)
New York City

Event Schedule:

5:00-6:30pm Refreshments

6:30-8:30pm Panel + Discussion: 
“Strategies for Access + Media Autonomy in the
Digital Age”

Presented by:
Cristine Wang
Independent New Media curator & critic

John Perry Barlow, co-founder EFF
(Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Paul Garrin, media artist
founder of Name.Space 

Saskia Sassen, Professor of Sociology
author of “Globalisation & its Discontents”

Remote Panelists: 
Eduardo Kac, artist
pioneer of telecommunications art

Geert Lovink 
pioneering media theorist, net critic

9pm-2am: Party

Sound Performances by:
Jenny Marketou 
Renegades of Punk
Walter Stedding / David Schmidlapp
Yasunao Tone 

Theatrical Performances by:
Ricardo Dominguez
Sinister Forces
Frank Morales

Video Projections by:
Francesca Da Rimini / Michael Grimm / Ricardo
Dominguez / Diane Ludin

Special Guest DJ: 
to be announced

Fundraiser + Membership drive for

For more information:

tel: 212.979.8651
email: events@freethemedia.org

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