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i subscribed to this list since short and i'm feeling like i'll not be
just a lurker - i hope to reach in contributing some content and
discussion - forgive my english i'm spaghetti italian.

if you are interested in independent information about upcoming WSF-WEF
events (indepentent from governments, not from consciousness) you might
find useful to read below; greets to the list.

Indymedia's Radio Group - D.R.O.P. project will Produce a Live Internet
::  Broadcast:  Thursday   January   31st   -   Monday   February   4th.

For Immediate release, Monday, January 28th, 2002
Contact: imc-audio@indymedia.org

1. The World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil
2. The World Economic Forum and protests in New York City
3. The Munich Conference on Security Policy protests in Munich
4. Additional Programming from India, the UK, San Francisco and Seattle,
   among others.

:: The World Economic Forum
Some very important people  are  missing  from  the  headlines  and  the
stories of the world's most influential economic institutions  like  the
International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the
Free  Trade  Area  of  the  Americas.    The   real   players--corporate
representatives--meet for the World Economic Forum (WEF)  this  year  in
New York City with minimal remote press access.  Teach-ins and  protests
planned in New York City get to the heart of corporate globalization and
US economic power.

:: The World Social Forum
Also  missing  from  the  headlines  are  the  alternatives  devised  by
grassroots organizations and the world's non-elites.  Set to  happen  at
the same time as the WEF is the World  Social  Forum  in  Porto  Alegre,
Brazil, a conference exploring  such  alternatives  to  an  increasingly
standard corporate agenda.

:: The Munich Conference on Security Policy
This annual meeting brings together the  government  officials  and  the
military of NATO and the EU.  Much of the coalition behind the  military
coalitions that brought us the wars in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Iraq are
forged in conferences like  this  security  conference.   The  last  few
months have seen military coalition involvement from Japan  and  Germany
unprecedented since WWII.  European  activists  are  planning  to  bring
their message held by most of the world:  not  to  expand  the  "War  on
Terrorism" to more countries.

During our broadcast, Stations can:
1. Stream the live broadcast any time
2. Download audio highlights from the live stream for broadcast; or
3. Download produced MP3 programs giving background, updates, headlines,
   stories and wrap-ups.

The live internet stream will begin on January  31st  and  last  through
February 4th from stations in Seattle, San Francisco, Vermont, New York,
Munich, Porto Alegre, and  India.

To View a Schedule of the Broadcast please go to

To broadcast or listen to the Stream link to one of the following url's:

 http://freeteam.nl:8000/drop - 24kbps

 http://live.waag.org:7800/drop -24kbps

 http://xaos.pvl.at:8000/drop - 24kbps

 http://radio.uk.solpsists.org:8000/drop - 24kbps

 http://www.autistici.org:8000/drop - 24kbps

 http://radio.us.solpsists.org:8000/drop - 24kbps

 http://notowar.com/blast.m3u - 16kbps

For archived mp3's of the broadcast go to

Some portions of the stream may be in Portuguese,  Spanish,  French,  or

If you have any questions about  playing  the  broadcast,  please  email

For more details, go to:


Since the WTO protests in Seattle, 1999, the  Independent  Media  Center
(IMC) has been covering the voices  of  those  critiquing  these  global
institutions and their impact on democratic structures,  then  streaming
it over the internet.  Likewise, the  IMC  will  produce  live  breaking
coverage of the forums and protests in Brazil,  New  York,  and  Munich.
Hundreds of media activists will be calling in reports, conducting phone
interviews and collecting audio on the front lines, in workshops, and at

For more about the IMC, go to:

See also Microradio.net for more information about live  web  streaming:

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