[spectre] ANNOUNCE #1: Pause & Effect: the art of interactive narrative

pighed pighed@bore.com
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 10:49:32 +0200

i dont post to this list too often [well, ever]. but i know quite a few of 
you that do and so, first, thanks for all the great info in the last couple 

Pause & Effect; The Art of Interactive Narrative.

this is a book looks into the intersection of narrative, interactive, and 
visual arts. there's some interviews with some great artists (marcos novak 
and scott mccloud, among many others), its got lots of purty pictures, and 
there's several means of defining emerging narrative forms. plus its got a 
flip-book animation and a 240-page comic that runs along the bottom.  i 
recommend it.  in fact, if i hadn't just written it, i'd buy it.


by way of intro, i'm an american artist and writer (mark stephen meadows). 
i live in paris.
	for those of you that like to parse keywords: 3D, 2D, txt, Xerox-PARC, SRI,
	Construct Internet Design,  good ideas, bad brains, and mediocre marketing.
	oh, and painting and writing. when i'm not doing these things i travel 
around and
	give talks on narrative forms and visual art.

	http://bore.com &/or http://boar.com &/or http://boor.com


book: http://pause-effect.com
work: http://bore.com || http://boar.com || http://boor.com