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Nils Claesson nils@x-i.net
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 18:51:05 +0300


The Pudas BOX

Welcome to opening 14/9 12 00 to 17 00

The aim is to investigate the individual protest and put in relationship to
collective struggle.
The centerpiece of the show is a standardized box.
The box can be used as a vehicle for an individual protest.
The box is a sculpture inspired by a real event 1982 when a taxi driver from
Tornedalen ( the bilingual district of Sweden neighboring Finland ) got his
permission to drive taxi withdrawn by the local municipality.
During the winter 1982-83 the taxi driver Folke Pudas committed a hunger strike
in a box in the center of Stockholm, to figth for his rigths.
Folke Pudas won the battle and got support from the European Court in
During the exhibition it will be possible to book the box for an individual
Already the chairman of the swedish artist assosiation has booked time.
His protest will be for the rigth of an artist to live on his work.
So dont hesitate.

Nils Claesson
For booking please mail: pudaslada@hotmail.com
Or phone +46 70 632 93 69

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