[spectre] International Seminar ON SOMNOLENCY

Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:40:52 +0200

13-14/09 2002&nbsp; 13:00 Forum Stadtpark Graz<br>
International Seminar<br>
<i>ON SOMNOLENCY: Symptoms and Tendencies in Contemporary Art and
</i>The seminar &quot;<i>ON SOMNOLENCY: Symptoms and Tendencies in
Contemporary Art and Culture&quot; </i>is a part of continuous art
project of three artists-in-residence Irma Stanaityte, Jurgita Remeikyte
and Alma Skersyte (Vilnius, Lithuania). The subject of the seminar is to
question one of contemporary phenomenon that links to the aspects of
tiredness, boredom, somnambulism, lost feel of the real, etc. It can be
traced in everyday life as well as in the field of arts. There are
invited artists, art critics, curators, writers, etc. with their various
lectures, presentations and comments on the proposed subject, while
situating it in the extended context of current theories and debates on
contemporary art and culture.<br><br>
<i>&quot;Boredom in the City and Art&quot;<br>
</i>Agne Narusyte, art critic from Lithuania, will refer to the subject
with demonstration of visual material from Lithuanian photography and art
as well as world art &quot;cases&quot;.<br><br>
<i>&quot;Tired of Art, Bored by Communication, Lost in Plurality, Scared
of Redundancy&quot;<br>
</i>Jozef Cseres (Slovakia)<br><br>
<i>&quot;The Privilege of Being Passive- the Luxury of Being a
</i>Dorinel Marc, artist and editor from Sweden<i>,</i> will analyze a
political situation in general with the starting point in the video D.I.E
by the Swedish contemporary artist Annika Larsson.<br><br>
<i>&quot;Never Wake up the Sleeping Curator, or: Why Young Artists Tend
to Choose the Pretentious Lethargic Position of Being Non Critical to
Become Successful&quot;<br>
</i>Karin Pernegger, curator and art critic from Austria, will point to
the relationship between curator and artist.<br><br>
<i>&quot;Fitness Center&quot;<br>
</i>Katarina Sevic, art student from Hungary, will present the PPgroup's
(Katarina Sevic and Zita Majoros) art work, the result of a two year long
exploration of phenomena/problem of communication between artwork and
<i>&quot;Electronic Dreams&quot;<br>
</i>Martin Conrads, freelance author from Germany, will present the
Berlin-based group &quot;test bed&quot; (Florian Clausz, Martin Conards,
Ulrich Gutmair, Anja Heilmann, Kito Nedo, Kathrin Roggla, Stefan Schreck,
Vera Tollmann, Stephanie Wurster) that has been setting up the<br>
first German-speaking dream database and thus has been conducting dream
research using digital technologies.<br><br>
<i>&quot;Contents in Recently Produced Commercial and Non Commercial
Visual Art&quot;<br>
</i>Mindaugas Gapsevicius, media artist from Lithuania/Germany, will try
to explain and to show the most explored examples of Internet and
software based art as well as keep an eye on projects of physical space,
by making the distinction between commercial and non commercial art.
Commercial festivals and exhibitions choose the art which is closer to
conciousness of masses. The content becomes more and more passive,
visually related to what one can see around. The underground culture
chooses the copy&amp;paste tools for experiments.<br>
Rena Rädle, artist from Germany, will introduce Karsten Asshauer's
project<i> various-euro.com</i>.<br><br>
13/09&nbsp; 21:00 Forum Stadtpark<br>
Audio / visual live performance<br>
<i>&quot;The Disconnection Machine&quot;</i> Instrumental Version
Bernhard Loibner, composer, musician and media artist from Austria, will
perform an instrumental version of &quot;The Disconnection Machine&quot;,
60-minute audio-visual performance piece integrating moving image by Tom
Sherman (U.S./Canada) and sound/music by Bernhard Loibner.<br>
This &quot;instrumental version&quot; combines the central video track of
the original piece with a live performance of the electronic sound track.
The video is composed entirely of images captured from publicly
accessible private web-cams. The music drives the listeners/viewers<br>
through a social landscape populated by physically dislocated individuals
glued to their computer screens.<br>
14/09&nbsp; 20:00 Forum Stadtpark<br>
<i>&quot;Contents in Recently Produced Commercial and Non Commercial
Visual Art. Part III.<br>
Illbient-Chill-Out party&quot;<br><br>
</i>Mindaugas Gapsevicius, together with Martin Conrads and Rena Rädle,
will make a party with special electronic sounds and live-visuals
containing in itself symptoms and tendencies of contemporary