[spectre] SEF 3 first call

rex rex@opennet.org
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 11:35:47 +0200

REX, B92 Cultural Centre 
Third Short Electronic Form Fair, SEF 3 
November 29 - December 1, 2002
The same motifs and expectations apply to SEF 3 Fair just like for the
previous two (look up www.rex.b92.net/kef).   

The theme of the third SEF is "AS GOOD AS IT GETS." (borrowed from a
folk proverb). 
We want the works to comply with the temporal form dictated by the
advertising industry = you may take part in SEF only with works shorter
Deadline for submission of works: November 15, 2002.
We will present three audience awards (sponsored B92.net) and REX award.

Your APPLICATION should contain the following:
1) Name & surname, year and place of birth:
2) School/university/profession:
3) Place of residence and contact info (phone number and e-mail
address*): *required
4) Technical details: (exact format, the name of the program used to
produce the work, hardware requirements) 
5) Comment/statement/accompanying text:

WORKS may be in 
*audio format: wav, mp3, wma, Quick time, Audio CD, MC
*video format: avi, mpeg, Real Video, DivX, Quick time, VHS, DV, Video
*web format: dynamic html, Flash, Director, Power Point, animated gif,
exe files

IMPORTANT: PC formats must be presentable on standard hardware
(PIII 500Mhz, 128MB Ram)
You may:
- bring your works to REX, every working day 10 a.m. - 07 p.m. 
- send them by snail mail (VHS or DV cassette, CD, floppy disk and audio
- send them by e-mail (maximum size of individual files - 2MB) to the
following address: rex@b92.net (subject: sef)

phone: + 381 11 32 84 299


About SEF 1:
".this exhibition does not assume its political identification by
advocating explicit and important political concepts (capitalism,
communism, nation, race, gender, power), but on the basis of the very
order of things, system of organising, archiving and classification of
'electronic trails', incomparable identities of everyday life routine.
we are talking of the extraordinary and the ordinary; in fact, at issue
is simultaneously ironic and infantile realism reflecting the present
moment and at the same time serving as its building blocks."
Misko Suvakovic (you may find the complete text at
". and I think, one day, I'll make on my own something for my screen,
and make it as short as I'd like it to be, have it look like just the
way it pleases me. and I've never managed to do that. But there are
people who have." 
Voja Zanetic (you may find the complete text at

About SEF 2:
".short electronic forms bring us back to the culture of handymen
retrained to be electronic bricoleurs who represent today the most vital
and wholesome offspring of digital reconfiguration of creativity." 
Dejan Sretenovic (you may find the complete text at
  http://www.rex.b92.net/kef/kef2/tekstovi/dsretenovic.doc ) 
". in what other way to make people get used to quality and, if you
like, 'critical thinking'? Hence, storm the radio and television! Enough
of modesty and underground resistance. Basta!" 
Maja M. Marinkovic (you may find the complete text at