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conference url http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/dac/
cfw url http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/dac/cfw.html

+playengines+ MelbourneDAC exhibition

Melbourne Digital Arts and Culture Conference 2003 is inviting 
artists working in the areas of computer games, interactive film and 
streaming media to submit projects for +playengines+ a juried 
exhibition exploring innovative creative work in the fields of 
computer games, interactive hypermedia, interactive fiction and 
nonfiction, and streaming media arts.

Artistic works selected for inclusion in the conference exhibition 
will be presented to an international audience of peers, critics, 
producers, academics, local industry partners and the broader public. 
+playengines+ will be staged in Melbourne, Australia in May 2003.

+playengines+ competition
MelbourneDAC in partnership with the Australian Centre for the Moving 
Image (ACMI) are also offering the +playengines+ competition. Works 
will be judged by an international jury of peers and winners 
nominated in each of the games, interactive film/video, and streaming 
media categories. These works will have the opportunity to be 
acquired for ACMI's Public Programs Collection.

ACMI is a world's first purpose-build complex dedicated to the moving 
image in all its forms - film, television, games, video, digital and 
emerging media. ACMI has state-of-the-art facilities for the 
exhibition, promotion and preservation of Australian and 
international screen art. Across four levels, the Centre houses the 
world's largest screen gallery, it operates Australia's largest 
public lending collection of moving image titles and it will be 
actively involved in the development of the screen culture industry. 

Exhibition categories (one category per work):
computer games, interactive film/video, streaming media, hypermedia

what genre(s)/category(ies) your art might nearly just about go in:
online game, browser game, interactive film/video, streaming fiction, 
streaming nonfiction, streaming other, text game, interactive graphic 
narrative - fiction , interactive graphic narrative - nonfiction , 
interactive graphic narrative - other , interactive text narrative - 
fiction, interactive text narrative - nonfiction, interactive text 
narrative - other, Flash fiction, Flash nonfiction, interactive 
fiction, (other?)

entry is open to:
independent artists, students, researchers, producers and/or small 
teams, computer game artists, real timers, 3D on-line gamers , 
interactive film/art creators, Flash artists, word players, 
interactive fiction creators

adrian miles

Adrian Miles Conference Chair

Antoanetta Ivanova Conference Producer

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