[spectre] very shortly for the elections in Macedonia

Misko mpandil@soros.org.mk
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 10:57:43 +0200

So, what can be said about Parliamentary elections in Macedonia on September 15, 2002?

The election day, opposite to some warnings,  was very peaceful. 

The coallition of 10 parties ZA Makedonija (For Macedonia) led by the Social Democratic Party, has beaten harshly 
the coallition of VMRO-DPMNE and the Liberal Party.

Final results will probably shpow these figures: ZA Makedonija coalition had won 61 of 120 seats in the National Assembly while 
VMRO and LP obtained 33 seats. 

In the Albanian election fight the Democratic Union for Integration led by Ali Ahmeti, who used to lead the terrorists
last year and turned into a politician in the mean time after the Ohrid accord, emerged as a winner among the 
Albanian population. He has severely defeated Arben Xaferi's DPA and the other Albanian parties.
His DUI has won 16 seats, while DPA will have 7 seats, PDP 2, and NDP 1 seat in the parliament..

The new Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski, eventhough has denied that in the campaign, seems to have no other choice
 but to work together with Ali Ahmeti in the new Parliament, as a most dominant Albanian figure in Macedonia now. 
Ali Ahmeti  now advocates national reconciliation, but is viewed by the Macedonians as guilty for the war, the dead and the wounded. 

Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski publicly admited the defeat (on national tv).

Finally, there was a huge celebration in Skopje yesterday evening :-)


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