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Triple Release

now available for download, retrograde release nos. 9, 10, and 11, 
october 2002:

PhotoStatic 39, PhotoStatic 40, and Retrofuturism 12


direct downloads:

Descriptions. To mark the end of the current phase of Photostatic 
Magazine, a triple issue was released. It included the largely visual 
No. 39, the mostly text No. 40, and the newly independent 
Retrofuturism 12, which itself included the supplemental Yawn 8, 
marking the beginning of the Art Strike 1990-1993.   [PhotoStatic 39: 
Visual] Featuring one-of-a-kind covers produced by Mark Pawson 
photopied with color toner onto sections of salvaged billboard 
sections, this issue is exclusively composed of visual works (some 
with text elements). [PhotoStatic 40: Verbal]  This number forms the 
text core of the triple issue. The brilliant mail art humorist Al 
Ackerman offers the total hoot of "Rotational Situationism: 
'Levi-Strauss' Style", which is in turn counterweighted by the 
scholarly gravity of Harry Polkinhorn's "On Difficulty in Verbal 
Visual Art'. Additionally, an obscure, and prescient, article written 
by Edgar Allen Poe entitled "Anastatic Printing" lays out a 
technology not unlike xerox a century before it came into being. 
[Retrofuturism 12] For the first time, Retrofuturism appears as its 
own issue, outside of the pages of PhotoStatic (up until this time, 
it had appeared only as a sort of extended conceptual thread in the 
pages of its parent publication).

Contributors include. [p39] Mark Pawson, d'Zoid, Bill DiMichele, 
Serse Luigetti, Joe Schwind, Joel Score, Ralf Schulze, Margent Common 
Wheel, John F Kelly, Dadata, Roy R Behrens, Jeff Plansker, Dominique 
LeBlanc, John Stickney, Malok, Thomas Hibbard, Jean-Fran=E7ois Robic, 
Joel Lipman, Fran=E7oise Duvivier, Pandora's Mailbox, Philippe Bill=E9; 
[p40] Ll. Dunn, Harry Polkinhorn, Ezra Mark, Pascal Uni, Tim Coats, 
Bob Grumman, Al Ackerman, G=E9za Perneczky, Edgar Allen Poe, Ge(of 
Huth), R. K. Courtney, Eric Harold Belgum; and [r12] Ll. Dunn, The 
Tape-beatles, Norm Ingma, Brad Goins, Neil K. Henderson.

Project Overview: The Photostatic Retrograde Archive serves as a 
repository for a complete collection of Photostatic Magazine, 
Retrofuturism, and Psrf, (as well as related titles) in electronic 
form. We are posting issues in PDF format, at more or less regular 
intervals, in reverse chronological order to form a mirror image in 
time of the original series. When the first issue, dating from 1983, 
is finally posted in several year's time, then this electronic 
archive will be complete.

issue directory: http://psrf.detritus.net/issues.html

project URL: http://psrf.detritus.net/


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