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Video selection from the

XI Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean

Tuesday 25th November at 6:00 p.m. at Galleria A+A, the Shortinvenice
portal, Departmente Youth Policies of the Municipality of Venice, in
cooperation with Bjcem (Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the
Mediterranean) will present the review VIDEOCOSMOS, which presents works
selected from the XI Biennial of Athens (from 6th to 15th June 2003).

Twelve short films will be selected and screend, and the public of A+A
Gallery could have free access to the Web and watch the seven videos, still
coming from the Biennial of Athens, selected for the VI Città di Mestre
International Videofestival (22th-25th October 2003). They will be at
disposal to users at www.shortinvenice.net. So, there will be nineteen short
films representing an Euro-Mediterranean cosmos, one among many others
possible. These young artists's video works are a mix of movements and
images, videoart and narration. They compose all togever a visual and
creative route that seems a mosaic, an abstract and accurate composition,
which speaks the universal and no-boundaries language of images.

Slovenia, Algeria, Malta, Spain, Albania, Croatia, Italy, France, Greece,
Bosnia, Turkey, Serbia-Montenegro, Portugal. Different countries with
different cultures, religions and politics, united under one common element,
the thin Arianne thread that passes from one to another: the Mediterranean.
The look of these young artists recomposes through the video elements of
this different topography, which will be at disposal to the public of
Galleria A+A during a full month, exactly untill 20th December.

For info:

San Marco, Calle Malpiero 3073
30124 Venice
Tel/Fax 0039 041. 277 04 66
info at aplusa.it

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