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{A Virtual Memorial} -
Memorial Project against the Forgetting and for Humanity
~New Media art project environment~
www.a-virtual-memorial.org <http://www.a-virtual-memorial.org> 
commemorates in August 2004 
the late Ignatz Bubis (died on 13 August 1999) 
former President of Central Jewish Council of Germany
2004 as the
the International Year to Commemorate
the struggle against Slavery and its Abolition -
and the selected memorial days 
01 August 1975 - Helsinki Treaty 
06 August 1945 - first atomic bomb over Hieroshima
09 August 2004 - International Day of Indigenous Peoples
13 August 1960 - errection of Berlin Wall 
Table of Contents:
a) Features of the month August 2004
b) News
New month - new subject
*The Features of the Month are monthly changing
collections of multimedia works and links which form in the
totality of the composition an artwork of theirown
to be created on a webpage of theirown
within the Memorial project.*

b) ***Features of the Month August
"The month August on "A Virtual Memorial" 
is entirely dedicated to 
Ignatz Bubis (died on 13 August 1999) 
former President of Central Jewish Council of Germany. 
Without him and his encouragement by taking patronage 
in 1995 over my memorial project "A Living Memorial" (1995-1998), 
my extensive artistic working on memorial environments, 
and "A Virtual Memorial" -the net based memorial environment - 
as the starting point for any of my net based activities 
would have never started, but also my entire course of life 
would have developed completely differently. 
I will never forget him!" 
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Subject--->Solitude between inspiration and despair
Featured Artist -->Damar Kase: Absolute Loneliness 
Emotion 1 -->Mirror at the Bottom - artists portraiting themselves 
Emotion 2-->Graffiti-Fields of Identity 
Emotion 3-->The artist and his studio 
Emotion 4-->My loneliness and the bomb 
Emotion 5-->Solitude behind the curtain 
Emotion 6-->Seconds for ever 
Emotion 7-->Sexual abuse 
Emotion 8-->urban.early sunday morning_raw 
Enter this feature environment via www.a-virtual-memorial.org <http://www.a-virtual-memorial.org>
b) News
{A Virtual Memorial} is proud to launch in August the next
physical presentation of it latest project environment
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
global networking project
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/ <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/>
West Coast Numusic & Electronic Art Festival 
Stavanger/Norway 18 - 22 August 
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP will be further part of
Biennale for Electronic Art Perth/Australia
7 September - 17 November 2004.
On this occasion, Agricola de Cologne will be "artist in residence" in Perth
for several weeks in September/October.
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP will launch on occasion of the Biennale
a new "Memory Channel", eg
SoundLab Channel, which will be entirely dedicated
to soundart in its various forms.
An open call is addressed to all artists who work on soundart and electronic
to submit to SoundLab Channel
Detailled information and entry form on
www.newmediafest.org/call_soundart.htm <http://www.newmediafest.org/call_soundart.htm>
[R][R][F] 2004 --->XP
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004 <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004>
rrf2004 at newmediafest.org <mailto:rrf2004 at newmediafest.org>
started in March 2004 and
is part of --->
01. National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucaresti/Romania (5 March - 30
02. Bergen Electronic Arts Centre Bergen/Norway (5 March - 28 March)
03. New Media Art Festival Bangkok (Thailand) (20-28 March)
04. Now Music Streaming Festival Berlin - 7 April
05. Version'04 Festival - Invisible Networks - Chicago/USA - 16 April-01
06. Electronic Art Meeting - PEAM 2004 - Pescara (Italy) 19-23 May
07. BASICS Festival Salzburg/Austria - 8-16 May 2004 -
21-30 June
09. International Festival of New Film and New Media Split/Croatia (26
June-2 July)
10. public_space_festival Yerewan/Armenia 23 July - 03 August
11. West Coast Numusic & Electronic Arts Festival Stavanger/Norway 18-22
12. Biennale of Electronic Art Perth (Australia) (7 September - 17
November )

Until the next time
all the best,
{A Virtual Memorial}
www.a-virtual-memorial.org <http://www.a-virtual-memorial.org>
award wining Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity -
since 2000 ongoing New Media art project by Agricola de Cologne.
A short description as PDF file for free download from
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corporate member of
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-the experimental platform for net based art -
operating from Cologne/Germany
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All rights reserved.
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