[spectre] Project Features - call for proposals

{NMC} nc-agricowi at netcologne.de
Thu Dec 2 16:04:23 CET 2004

www.nmartproject.net <http://www.nmartproject.net> 
installed a new site called 
"Project features" 
www.nmartproject.net/features <http://www.nmartproject.net/features> 
and plans to feature during 2005 each month 
another of the best projects on the net.. 
The projects to be featured can be works 
by single artists or collaborative works of any subjects and contents 
and any technology, however, 
they must have a URL of theirown 
and available online for at least one year 
from the start of the respective feature, 
the projects must originate from 2003 or 2004, 
and most important is the quality of the artistic workout. 
Currently, "Project Features" is in a preview phase 
and started with the collaborative project, entitled 
"Family Portrait" - a collaboration between the 
Partnoy Family and Agricola de Cologne. 
www.nmartproject.net/features/ <http://www.nmartproject.net/features/> 
The actual project environment will be launched in January 2005. 
Dear artist(s), 
You can submit one project as a proposal 
Please use this entry form:
1. firstname/name of artist, email, URL
2. a brief bio/CV (not more than 300 words)
3. title and URL of one project originating from 2003 or 2004
4. a short work description of the work (not more than 300 words),
5. a screen shot of the submitted work (max 800x600 pixels, .jpg)
Deadline 20 December 2004 for the January and February 2005 features 
deadline 31 January 2005 for March-December 2005 features. 
Please send the completely filled in form to
info at nmartproject.net <mailto:info at nmartproject.net> 
subject: "project features" 
www.nmartproject.net <http://www.nmartproject.net> 
is the experimental platform for New Media art 
from Cologne/Germany 
founded and directed by Agricola de Cologne. 
Flash 7 plug-in required.

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