[spectre] A Decade of Webdesign (programme)

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Fri Dec 10 20:09:57 CET 2004

21/22 January 2005, Amsterdam
Two day international conference
A Decade of Webdesign

The conference is organised in five sessions divided over two days and
ending with a plenary session. Each session will be concluded with a panel
discussion where lively involvement from all conference participants is

Timeline Hot Spots: You are invited to prepare a presentation of up to ten
minutes based on your responses in the www.designtimeline.org site. 

10:20 Doors Open 
10:45 Introduction to the conference
Geert Lovink, INC
11:00 Histories of Web Design
with: Adrian Mackenzie, Peter Lunenfeld, Franziska Nori
chair: Matthew Fuller, PZI
What do technical and cultural historians, or those active in the world of
museums, propose as ways to make an account of the last decade?
13:00 Lunch break
& Timeline Hot Spots
14:00 Distributed Design
with: John Chris Jones,Olia Lialina,Hayo Wagenaar
chair: Jouke Kleerebezem,
The web amplified an explosion of non-professional design. This panel will
ask what happens to design once it becomes a non-specialist network process.
16:00 Tea break
& Timeline Hot Spots
16:00 Meaning Structures
with: Steven Pemberton, Schoenerwissen/OfCD 
chair: Richard Rogers
As automated site-design becomes increasingly important, the history of the
interweaving of technology and culture up to the point of semantic
engineering is mapped out. 
18:00 End 
19:30 conference dinner 

11:00 Digital Work
with: Danny O'Brien, Michael Indergaard, Rosalind Gill
chair: Geert Lovink INC
Can we redesign work? From economics, sociology and design, key observers
and critics of the changing patterns of work in web design will comment on
the decade and encourage you to have your say. 
13:00 Lunchbreak
& Timeline Hot Spots
14:00 Modeling the User
with: Helen Petrie, Geke van Dijk, Peter Luining
chair: Caroline Nevejan
Creativity and usability have often been set up as the two key poles of web
design. This panel asks instead for a more sophisticated narrative about the
change in understanding of user needs and desires over the last ten years. 
16:00 Tea break
& Timeline Hot Spots
16:30 Plenary Session
With all speakers.
18:30 End 

21:30 Web Design Birthday Party 

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