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On Sun, Jun 06, 2004 at 05:17:24AM +0200, Aliette Guibert wrote:
> Italy criticism is borning in a special diversity of social and actual
> politics. I think of French Spring in 1968 regarding what is hapenning in
> Italy since three monthes...

well, it's not only three months :) the main italian radio brodcasting
the demostration in Rome (10 hours live) was Radio Ondarossa
http://ondarossa.info which started being on air in 1977

interestingly enough on the same day there was an interruption of the FM
broadcast of Ondarossa due to works done by ENEL (national electricity
company) nearby the antenna location, previously unannounced.
that was quite an issue, as it brought down the media coverage (together
with ondarossa other 6 or 7 radio station, mostly private) in Rome.
luckily enough, after protesting on TV (it must still be used that
media, sadly enough) the signal was up again, 5 hours after the start of
the demonstration, around 15:00.
many people thinks that the unscheduled block of the FM signal by a
'deus ex machina' like ENEL has been driven by political interests.

it is said that there were at least 200.000 people on the streets.


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