[spectre] Radioscape III - a project by Edwin van der Heide

Eric Kluitenberg epk at xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 30 01:02:57 CEST 2004

if you happen to be in Amsterdam in the coming week, drop by De balie 
for an acoustic exploration of the Leidse Plein area....




Radioscape III - a project by Edwin van der Heide

There are fifteen transmitters installed around and on the Leidseplein 
in Amsterdam, each broadcasting it's own musical layer. Van der Heide 
designed a receiver that allows you to receive and mix the signals of 
two, three or more transmitters simultaneously.
At a certain moment you receive one transmitter the strongest, the 
second a bit softer and the rest might be inaudible. By walking through 
the environment the balance between the transmitters is changing, new 
ones are fading in while others are fading out. Van der Heide: "The city 
centre forms a musical labyrinth with different layers of sound that, 
together, form a meta composition. By moving you mix the different 
layers which lead to new combinations and interferences."


Radioscape is open from Thursday the 28th of October till (including) 
Sunday the 7th of november.


Radioscape is freely accessible for the audience. In order to borrow the 
receiver you have to deposit either 50 euro's or an id card. You have up 
to one hour to 'radioscape'

Handout point

You can obtain a Radioscape receiver at the counter of De Balie. They 
can be fetched between 13:00 and 20:00

Radioscape III is part of the Interzone series by De Balie, a series of 
artistic explorations crossing the borders between the existing artistic 

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