[spectre] Re: the media art center of 21C

Louise Desrenards louise.desrenards at free.fr
Thu Sep 8 13:47:06 CEST 2005

All diversity is precious, every institution and could be several as the
must of any few ones: but what of Art out of any network, what of life the
same as creation out of the production?

They will be more and more out of the current society.

What it bothers me it is of the disappearance of symbolist acts at the
horizon of the diverse growing bureaucracies of Art to a worst quality of
works emerging from this sort of deal -but obviously the biggest deals of
Art appear to be the best ones in this system.

Please Annick do not worry if I feel myself nearest of artists as I am not
one (but regarding my own job as a creative one as the way to reach them),
neither one among these offices or services.

It was just a note, not a fight.


On 8/09/05 13:05, "Annick Bureaud" <annick at nunc.com> probably wrote:

> Hi marc
>> Get 
>> rid of big, fat buildings, institutions taking up all the resources,
>> it's difference that creates change, not just need ;-)
> Actually, I am not against big institutions. If you want to have a
> "collection" and do "serious" work, then I guess you do need a big
> institution. Also, in some directions of "media lab" without a stable,
> big institution, it is often hard to do "real" work.
> But I do think that different size institutions with different goals,
> are needed, specially for cutting-edge experimental projects.
> Annick

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