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Just an incident at return

Sorry of crossing emails... Seeing of the missing one from Louise's part of
course I have sent again the same from guibertc's part but of course I'm


On 8/09/05 13:47, "Louise Desrenards" <louise.desrenards at free.fr> probably

> All diversity is precious, every institution and could be several as the
> must of any few ones: but what of Art out of any network, what of life the
> same as creation out of the production?
> They will be more and more out of the current society.
> What it bothers me it is of the disappearance of symbolist acts at the
> horizon of the diverse growing bureaucracies of Art to a worst quality of
> works emerging from this sort of deal -but obviously the biggest deals of
> Art appear to be the best ones in this system.
> Please Annick do not worry if I feel myself nearest of artists as I am not
> one (but regarding my own job as a creative one as the way to reach them),
> neither one among these offices or services.
> It was just a note, not a fight.
> A.
> On 8/09/05 13:05, "Annick Bureaud" <annick at nunc.com> probably wrote:
>> Hi marc
>>> Get 
>>> rid of big, fat buildings, institutions taking up all the resources,
>>> it's difference that creates change, not just need ;-)
>> Actually, I am not against big institutions. If you want to have a
>> "collection" and do "serious" work, then I guess you do need a big
>> institution. Also, in some directions of "media lab" without a stable,
>> big institution, it is often hard to do "real" work.
>> But I do think that different size institutions with different goals,
>> are needed, specially for cutting-edge experimental projects.
>> Annick
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