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> From: "East Area" <info at eastarea.nl>
> East Area presents: INVASION - a project by Lucia Macari and Stefan 
> Rusu.
> Opening: saturday, october 1st, 17:00-20:00
> 2 artists from Moldavia look at the history and present of their home 
> country as a history of military and cultural invasions, by making an 
> artistic invasion in EastArea- this time a Moldavian-Mongolian one. 
> Lucia Macari has edited a Moldavian-Mongolian phrase book, inspired by 
> the conversation guides used by Russian soldiers during the World War 
> II. In 1941 a Russian-German conversation book was published in the 
> SU, to be distributed among the soldiers along with their army boots; 
> in 1943, a similar Russian-Moldavian phrasebook was published, that 
> was supposed to help the Soviet liberation army forces to communicate 
> with local population.
> While these historic documents served as a proof of Russia’s 
> aggressive military policy, Lucia Macari’s contemporary conversational 
> guidebook is rather meant to facilitate a successful artistic 
> invasion. It provides an artist with vocabulary and communication 
> tools sufficient for taking part in an international art show. For 
> this guidebook 2 “non-existing” languages of the Soviet empire, that 
> both suffered greatly under Russian linguistic invasion, were used. 
> This project was at first presented at the international camp of 
> visual art on the archaeological site Shehr al Djedid, a former 
> settlement located at the western frontier of the Golden Horde, and 
> later in the frame of Invasia project (2002, curator- Stefan Rusu) in 
> Moldavia.
> At the opening, SARS Opera by Stefan Rusu– a short humoristic video 
> about deep-going cultural connections between Moldavia and Mongolia 
> made at the time of SARS epidemic in Asia- will be screened. 
> Lucia Macari (1974, Chisinau, Moldova) is a visual artist, currently 
> based in the Netherlands. After studying Art and Fashion design in the 
> State Institute of Art in Chisinau, she worked as an independent 
> artist and curator. In 1999-2001 Lucia Macari was visual program 
> coordinator at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Chisinau. In 2005 
> she graduated from Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. At the moment 
> she is following a post-graduate programme at the Sandberg Instituut 
> in Amsterdam.      
> Stefan Rusu (1964, Kaiet, Moldova) is a visual artist and independent 
> curator. He lives and works in Bucharest, Romania and in Chisinau, 
> Moldova. In 1986-1990 he studied at the Art Academy in St.Petersburg, 
> Russia, and in 1995 he graduated from Bucharest Art Academy, Romania.
> At the moment Stefan Rusu is following the Curatorial Training 
> Programme in De Appel, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.    
> The exhibition is open: October 1 - October 16 ; Thursday - Saturday: 
> 1 - 7 p.m and Sunday: 4 - 7 p.m.
> Jodenbreestraat 24
> 1011 NK Amsterdam
> www.eastarea.nl
> Tel: (020) 624 57 47
> Fax: (020) 620 35 70
> E-mail: info at eastarea.nl

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