[spectre] statistics - was: Fwd: Rob van Kranenburg Re: media labs

rene beekman r at raakvlak.net
Sat Sep 24 23:40:32 CEST 2005

having been too busy to keep up with the list over the past week or 
two, i'm skimming digests to catch up. the below stuck out like a sore 

From: Rob van Kranenburg
> in bulgaria 94% of the young people want to leave the country

i've spent the greater part of the past 10 years in bulgaria and now 
live there permanently. this has made me slightly sensitive to 
west-european types who travel in and out of this part of the world 
only to start their stories with "coming back from <insert name of 
place where 90% of your audience needs a map>..."

but more to the point; your figure of 94% is more than absurd and has 
nothing to do with current reality in bulgaria.
could you please quote your source?
could you also please define "young people"?
lastly, do you have demographical information that this figure is based 
on? what parts of the country would these "young people" be coming 

this figure is one of the few things i can verify in your email, and it 
spells little good for what reliability i should attach to other 
info-snippets in it.


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