[spectre] just an invitation to the hive un-launch

Andreas Broeckmann ab at tesla-berlin.de
Tue Jun 12 10:24:38 CEST 2007

hey armin,

OK. i must have misunderstood what you wrote.

since people question from time to time why messages did not make it 
to the list, we remind the entire list of how these things work, from 
time to time. we also have these conversations off-list regularly. 
but i understand that it is difficult to get a feel for the way the 
list software works if you don't experience it 'hands on'. (if 
anybody wants to have a go at it, please, just get in touch)

as regards the content of the list, and the assumed lack of 
discussions, etc., the answer is also the same as it was ten years 
ago, when people would say this about the syndicate list: 'the list 
is what _you_ post'. inke and i are just here to keep the channel 


>>ps: like this message of yours, every message is posted 
>>automatically that gets sent to the spectre list from an address 
>>that is subscribed to the list.
>>messages only get trashed (again, automatically) if:
>>- they come from an address that is not subscribed
>>- they contain attachments
>>- they use formating, marked up links, etc., which the spam filter 
>>recognises as
>>spam (see note below)
>>- they have a volume of more than 40 K.
>>in these cases, the messages get deleted automatically. please, 
>>believe me that
>>inke and i have much better things to do than 'control' what gets 
>>posted to the
>>spectre list or not. our main work is to keep the channel as spam-free as
>>possible, and to avoid the completely unnecessary pleasures of 4 MB 
>>and multi-colour, multi-size fonts.
>>if your message does not appear on the list, try sending it as 'plain text' -
>>you can select this option in the preferences/options of your 
>>e-mail software.
>>best regards,
>>read more at:

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