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Mon May 14 07:09:30 CEST 2007

TRANSLOCAL PRACTICES. International dialogue and workshop
with leading artists, urbanists and theoreticians in Zurich,
at the Kunsthalle Zurich
and the Institute for Art and Media, HGKZ
June, 4-5, 2007
with Ute Meta Bauer, Azra Aksamija, Ursula Biemann, Carles Guerra,
John Palmesino/multiplicity, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss/NAO, Pelin Tan, Karl
Heinz Klopf, Jochen Becker/metro zones, Rimini protkoll/Stefan Kaegi,
Andreas Broeckman

A large number of contemporary social, cultural, and political processes
take place in translocal spaces. The project focuses on artistic practices
within and about these spaces. How do artists approach such temporary
spaces? How do they deal with systems of circulation, borders, migration,
and with cultural and geographic translations? What forms of visibility
and representation are being developed in such projects?

Through a dialogue at the Kunsthalle Zurich and a public workshop at the
HGKZ, we are assessing interim results of new artistic spatial practices
and aim to give impulses for new projects.

Dialogue and Workshop in English, free entrance
Registration is required for the workshop:
contact at translocal-practices.net


Kunsthalle Zurich
Mon. 4.06.2007, 20:00

aVoid. Antagonistic Fields in the Translocal Space.
Azra Aksamija in dialogue with Ute Meta Bauer

Azra Aksamija's work explores the many ways in which the built environment
functions as a means of denoting, constructing, and subverting cultural,
political, and economic power systems. Her architectural and artistic
installations in the public space, such as her work on the Bosnian black
market Arizona or her Wearable Mosque projects are designed as
symbolic modes of representation of different identities.

Ute Meta Bauer is professor and director of the Visual Arts Program in
MITs School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P). Working since two
decades as a curator and editor, she is focusing in her practice on art,
architecture and sound linked to feminist and socio-political discourses,
most recently with the Mobile_Transborder Archive for inSite 05 San
Diego (USA)/Tijuana (MEX).

Hochschule fuer Kunst und Gestaltung Zurich
Limmatstrasse 47 / 8005 Zurich
Di. 05.06.2007, full day 9h30-18h30

Impulse presentations:

The Maghreb Connection
Ursula Biemann in dialogue with Carles Guerra

Undecidability: observations on architecture and extraterritoriality
John Palmesino in dialogue with Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss

Conflictuous Localities
Karl-Heinz Klopf in dialogue with Pelin Tan

Scenarios of New Old Europe
Stefan Kaegi/Rimini Protokoll in dialogue with Jochen Becker/metroZones

Moderation: Andreas Broeckman

Concept: Knowbotic Research, Felix Stalder, Fabian Voegeli
web: http://www.translocal-practices.net
Email: contact at translocal-practices.net

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