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Sun Nov 4 15:34:06 CET 2007

Sensor Orchestra Workshop at a=v#2 Festival. Munich.
Deadline extended.

Conductors: Andrey Smirnov & Guy van Belle
Date: November 20. to 24.11.07 (12.00:17.00)
Location: Kunstarkaden, Sparkassenstr. 3, Munich
New registration deadline: November 10. 2007
Support: Department of Arts and Culture of Munich
Moderation: Natalia Borissova

Building an audiovisual Sensor-Orchestra and performing with it in a  
live public Jam-session 24.11.07 from 20.00 - 22.00

!! Bonus: each participant of the final presentation will keep a  
Theremin-sensor to continue his/her experiments with laptop-Theremin  
after the workshop !!

During the workshop you will:
* get your laptop converted into the digital Theremin;
* learn the ways of interaction with your laptop by means of body  
motion and gesture;
* learn how to incorporate your laptop into the network to share  
sounds, images and data in order to create common interactive  

You will also learn:
* Basic principles of operation of the Theremin based interactive systems;
* The ways to detect motion and measure it;
* Art and music applications of interactive motion tracking systems;
* Ways to integrate Theremin-sensors in performance, dance, video,
sound and art installations.

Digital USB sensors for testing, experimenting and performing will be  
provided by instructors.

5 audio-visual installations based on various applications of  
Theremin-sensor technology will be set up to be available (as a ready  
made instruments) for using and experimenting with during the workshop  
and final performances:

* Terpsitone Installation;
* Dancing Curves for interactive laser scanning system;
* Sensor-Garden for interactive plants;
* Wind sensitive Vetro-Touchless Installation;
* Water Bubble Theremin Installation (water, waves, bubbles, foam as a  
sensitive media).

Participants profile:
This will be certainly of interest to any visual-/sound artist,  
dancer, theater player or whoever is toying around with technology.  
Bring your laptop, skills and let's turn it all into new instruments  
to perform with together.

An experienced participants could join the workshop on the second day  
or later, but should be able to take part in the public performance on  
the last day of the workshop (24th November from 20.00 to 22.00)

Participants suggested to have some skills in MAX/MSP, PD or relevant.


We can suggest an accommodation for about 18-32 Euro

Further info & registration:

About facilitators:
Andrey Smirnov is an independent researcher and developer of  
electronic music techniques, with a particular interest in design and  
development of both hard-and software sensor technology with complex  
relationships between the performer's actions and the interpretation  
of this information in non-linear methods using custom software. He is  
a founder of the Theremin Center for Electro acoustic Music and  
Multimedia in Moscow,
where he gives lectures and workshops on the basics of electro acoustic music,
musical acoustics and psychoacoustics, resent computer music  
technologies and multimedia.
Guy van Belle is a net sound artists. Since the early 1990s he has  
been developing network based multimedia technology for music and  
sound art.
As an independent artist and networker he works with changing partners  
on projects such as \\An`a*tom\"ic\\, mXHz and Society of Algorithm  
investigating different forms of collaborative work. He is also a
freelance curator, reviewer, lecturer and had been managing  
international research projects for education and arts at the  
electronic studio IPEM/Ghent.
http://mxhz.org, http://www.okno.be, http://societyofalgorithm.org,  

E-mail: info at aa-vv.org
Tel: +49 089 30749611 (Natalia Borissova)

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