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proudly presents
NewMediaFest2007 - http://2007.newmediafest.org
DIGITAL MEDIA Valencia 2008
festival, exhibition & symposion - Valencia/Spain
17 April - 10 May 2008

NewMediaFest2007  -
the 1st common festival of the global network -
directed and curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
will be presenting in virtual and physical space
the latest  project realisations by five network environments and their contributions
as exhibition components, incorporating 320 artists in total –>

JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
--> 7 Ways to say Internet with Netart - curated by Giulia Elena Rossi (Italy)
--> a+b=ba? - [art+blog=blogart?] - curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
--> 10 Years Netart - solo feature Jody Zellen
--> net.NET - a  series of 5 netart features
--> JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project

CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival
---> CologneOFF III - Toon! Toon! - art cartoons and animated narratives
---> Solo feature Nick Fox-Gieg
---> The Best of CologneOFF

VideoChannel - video project environments
---> Videoart from Ukraine curated by Yarina Butkovska (Ukraine)
---> solo exhibition Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir
---> Women Directors Cut III
---> Women Directors Cut  - 13:13:13
--->VIP - VideoChannel Interview project

SoundLAB - sonic art project environments
--->SoundLAB V - soundSTORY
     sound as a tool for storytelling - featuring
     ---> soundart from Spain curated by Ruben Garcia (Spain)
     ---> soundart from South Africa curated by Julian Jonker (SA)
     ---> selection curated by Melody Parker-Carter (SoundLAB)
---> SIP - SoundLAB Interview Project
--->soundOBJECTS - an exhibition of sculptural soundobjects
     curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Cinematheque - streaming media project environments
---> Slowtime? - Quicktime as an artistic medium

NewMediaFest2007 and its components can be accessed via the main interface on
http://2007.newmediafest.org or via any of the above mentioned project environments
NewMediaFest2007 - http://2007.newmediafest.org
NewMediaFest Blog - http://www.newmediafest.org/blog/

DIGITAL MEDIA Valencia/Spain
La Nau - 17 April - 10 May 2008

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