[spectre] Bridget Currie and Paul Sloan at the EAF

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Tue Aug 4 10:02:07 CEST 2009

opening this Thursday at the Experimental Art Foundation

Bridget Currie


Paul Sloan
Psychic Souvenirs

both opening 6pm 6 August. 7 August–5 September
Artists Talks 3pm Thursday 13th August
Curated by Melentie Pandilovski

Bridget Currie
Every little thing needs a bit of help to get by. — artist’s notes
Bridget Currie’s new work at the EAF will see the installation of a
recently culled olive tree, and fragrance. Regulators seeks to incite
the cycles of death, decay and life in the regulation of the ongoing
order of things. Plant matter — as material, idea and reference — has
formed part of the artist’s visual vocabulary for sometime as a way of
unfolding understandings of weight, preservation (states of decay and
aliveness) and time. In Regulators the Japanese practice of altering
the structures of plants – either by crutches or selective pruning –
has incited a set of thoughts around the way the dead hold up the
“As a thought-image the tree suggests forces that are intangible but
no less present: energy, pressure, and intensity. And yield as both
produce (fruit, honey, oil, wood, paper), and as a giving way to
resistance.”—Teri Hoskin, ‘Some tree time’, catalogue essay
The artist has worked extensively with JH Lever & Associates Fragrance
Design Studio to produce a perfume delivery system that will result in
a subtle, changing experience of scent throughout the space.

Bridget Currie (b.1979) is a South Australian artist working
predominantly in sculpture. She was one of the founders of
Artist-run-initiative Downtown Art Space, and has been involved with
independent art practice as an artist, writer, speaker and curator. In
recent years her work has been exhibited at Artspace, PICA, 24HR Art,
EAF, CACSA, Loose Projects, Bus, and other regional and artist run
spaces. In 2007-2008 she undertook a residency at the Contemporary
Centre for Art in Kitakyushu Japan, during which time she researched
and produced Portable ends (things under pressure).

Bridget Currie Regulators on eafweb http://eaf.asn.au/2009/currie.html
Further images & details contact Teri Hoskin, info at eaf.asn.au

Paul Sloan
Paul Sloan draws with paint and has recently been creating three
dimensional works and installations. For his exhibition at the EAF the
artist will install an expanded selection of the things that make his
paintings work the way they do – drawings, paintings, sculptural
objects, & audio traces – gathered in a way that resembles a
‘mini-museum’ of pyschic souvenirs.
“Sloan is something of a bricoleur. He is retro in adhering so
strictly to the ‘fine-art’ field of painting, and contemporary in the
nihilism with which the various counters he manipulates at any one
time are regarded. Where the bricoleur moves the pieces about with
some attachment to their valency, some belief in their magic as
symbols, Paul Sloan would appear to have almost no investment in his
chosen elements’ relation to ‘truth’, only to their efficacy as
‘seeming’ true, briefly and for that moment and in that combination.
On one level the art is brusque and dispassionate. On another it is
rather lyrical—when it rounds on some beauty-producing juxtaposition
of unlikely line, subject and colour.”—Ken Bolton, ‘A Fire Sale, A
Drive-By Shooting: Gone in a Minute’ 2009, catalogue essay.

Paul Sloan studied painting at R.M.I.T in Melbourne where he received
a Bachelor of visual arts, honours. In 2008 he undertook a residency
in Shangai and exhibited in Dublin. Paul Sloan has shown his work
widely in Australia and also in London, Prague, Dublin, & Shanghai.
His paintings are held in private and public collections. Paul Sloan
is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.

Paul Sloan Psychic Souvenirs on eafweb http://eaf.asn.au/2009/sloan.html
Further images & details contact Teri Hoskin, info at eaf.asn.au

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