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Festival @rt Outsiders 2009

Art of Extreme Environments

September 9 > October 11 2009
Wenesday – Sunday / 11 am-8 pm

OPENING SEPTEMBER 8th 2009 – 4pm – 8 pm

Maison Européenne de la Photographie.
5-7, Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris.
Metro: Saint Paul or Pont Marie

The 2009 edition of the @rt Outsiders Festival —celebrating 
this year its tenth anniversary—focuses on extreme environments.

These are environments that were, until recently, 
uninhabited by human beings and that contemporary science 
and technology turn into "inhabitable" places (Antarctica, 
underwater world, outer space, deserts); but also those that 
are becoming "uninhabitable" due to the impacts of our way 
of life (pollution, technological accidents, economical 
pressures and global warming).

"(Un)Inhabitable? – Art of Extreme Environments" presents 
works that explore the meaning of living in extreme 
environments, in the imaginary realm as well as in the 
physical one, in the political, social and environmental 
fields as well as in the poetic ones.

Artists and works:

- Howard Boland & Laura Cinti (UK), The Martian Rose, 2007, 
mixed media installation, new edition for @rt Outsiders 2009

- Anne Brodie (UK), Antarctica, a Choice? Rothera 
Collection, 2007, mixed media installation

- Peter Cusack (UK), Sounds from Dangerous Places, 
Chernobyl, 2006-2009, sound and visual installation, new 
version for @rt Outsiders 2009

- Stephen Eastaugh (Australia), Antarctic Sculpture Garden, 
2003, photographies

- Shiro Matsui (Japan), EP04 Dewey's Forest, 2009, mixed 
media installation mixed media, new version for @rt 
Outsiders 2009

- Connie Mendoza (Chile/Spain/Germany), Numerical Desert, 
2008, photographies, production and first exhibition @rt 
Outsiders 2009

- Hu Jie Ming (China), Altitude Zero, 2003, interactive 

- Forrest Myers (USA), Moon Museum, 1969, ceramic tile, 
drawings by Forrest Myers, John Chamberlain, David Novros, 
Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol

- Lucy + Jorge Orta (France/UK/Argentina), Antarctic 
Village-No Borders ; Antarctic Village-No Borders Drop 
Parachute ; Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau ; 
Antarctica World Passport Citizenship Database, 2007-2009, 
video, installation, performance, online work

- Bradley Pitts (USA), Singular Oscillations, 2008-2009, 

- Andrea Polli (USA), Sonic Antarctica, 2007-2008, sound and 
video installation, new version for @rt Outsiders 2009

- Catherine Rannou (France), Colonisation 2041 et Balises 
numériques 32Ko (Digital Beacon 32Ko), 2009, mixed media 
installation and online work, creations @rt Outsiders 2009

- Ana Rewakowicz (Canada/Poland), SleepingBagDress Prototype 
II, 2004-2005, mixed media installation and video

- Yang Yi (China), Uprooted, 2008, photographies

Catalog : bilingual French/English, introductory text by 
Louis Bec

Conference : Wednesday September 16th, MEP auditorium 6pm – 8pm
Les enjeux géopolitiques des ressources énergétiques de la 
zone arctique
(in French)

Curators :
Jean-Luc Soret, artistic director of the @rt Outsiders Festival.
Annick Bureaud, theoretician and art critic, director of 

Press :
Yannick Le Guillanton
Tel : ++ 33/1 44 78 75 20
E-Mail : le.guillanton [@] art-outsiders.com


Annick Bureaud (abureaud at gmail.com)
tel/fax : 33/(0)1 43 20 92 23
mobile/cell : 33/(0)6 86 77 65 76
Leonardo/Olats : http://www.olats.org

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