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Fri Dec 17 09:15:28 CET 2010

/*Du LIVRE de Mallarmé au livre mal armé*/

"If everything in the world is created to end up in a (beautiful) Book, 
should the Book be created in a digital way?"

*Free publication-installation-performance initiated by Franck Ancel 
with 99 participants *(*), _for the ArtistBook International Fair, 
Friday, December 17, 2010, the Centre Pompidou in Paris._

 From 3pm, posted the 36 submissions from writers and artists in a 
digital book in collaboration with Deborah Bertol and Médéric Beaunier 
http://www.gravitons-editions.frwith *multiple communications at 360°*, 
an exhibition a frame-Sphere Morellet, from 5 to 7pm screening of the 
film /A man who sleeps/by Georges Perec and Bernard Queysanne on a 
proposal by Julie Dalouche and Marie Sochor.

*From 8 to 22pm a stereoscopic performance */*0000*/*around a "Timée" 
and a "Sphere".*

Matrix digital picture and sound, under the technical direction of 
Thierry Coduys with Pure Data, assisted by Johan Lescure Processing and 
a circular motion as a tribute to the poet Rûmî, excerpt of dialogue 
from /*Something or nothing*/by Jacques Scherer for Jacques Polieri's 
BOOK scenography, 64 pages of the original manuscript of the Stéphane 
Mallarmé's BOOK, on a virtual grid of random sounds of 64 seconds, and 
Google Books in real time.

 From December 17 to December 19, you are also welcome to visit the 
*Bretzelivre *stand at the fair from 10 am to 10pm.

Philip Griffiths remixed with the public /0000/'s 64 sounds will be in 
the final showon Sunday December 19 at 7pm.

(*) Franck Ancel + ABI - ID:ID - David Abiker - Annie Abrahams - 
Rodolphe Alexis - Anna Sigrídur Arnar - Art of failure (Nicolas 
Montgermont - Nicolas Maigret) - Joseph Attié -- Jean Pierre Balpe - 
Pierre Beloüin - Judith Benhamou Huet - Hervé Binet - Dinah Bird - 
Julien Blaine (et David Ramsamy) - Jean Bordé -- Pierre Boulez - Antoine 
Boute -- Philippe Castellin - Laurent Chambert -- Christophe Charles -- 
Daniel Charles - David Christoffel - Thierry Coduys (et Philippe Bordas) 
- Michel Corvin - Sylvain Courtoux -- Françoise Cousin - Laurent 
Dailleau - Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot -- Marc Decimo - Océane 
Delleaux - Mathias Delplanque - Jacques Donguy - Dinah Douïeb Feat. Riff 
Cohen - LSarah Dubas -- Gravitons Editions - Vincent Epplay -- eRikm -- 
Pierre Escot - Yvan Etienne - David Fenech -- Frederika Fenollabatte -- 
Giovanni Fontana - Bertrand Gauguet -- Nicolas Gimbert - Michel Giroud - 
Bernard Heidsieck - Sabine Hosserfelder - HP Process (Hortense Gauthier 
- Philippe Boisnard) - Joël Hubaut - Marc Hurtado -- Christian Janicot - 
Etienne Jaumet - Alice Keller -- Jean Jacques Lebel - Johan Lescure -- 
Pierre Yves Macé -- Emmanuel Mahé - Stéphane Mallarmé -- Jean Clet 
Martin - Bérangère Maximin - Pierre Ménard - Myriam Métayer - NG -- Jean 
Claude Moineau - Montagne Froide (Valentine Verhaeghe - Michel Collet) 
-- Jean Marc Monterra - Joachim Montessuis -- Cécile De Montigny et 
Léonardo Marcos -- Antoine Moreau - Claire Morel -- François Morellet - 
collectif MU - F.J. Ossang -- Paul Otlet - Julien Ottavi -- Pierre 
Oudart -- Tibor Papp - Serge Pey - Richard Pinhas - Xavier de la Porte - 
RadioMentale (Jean-Yves Leloup - Eric Pajot) -- Christophe Romana -- 
Jean Philippe Renoult - Jocelyn Robert -- Jacques Roubaud - Julie Rousse 
-- Ignacio Gomez Sales - Jacques Scherer - Gaël Segalen - Emmanuel 
Sévigny - Black Sifichi -- Marie Sochor - Ghedalia Tazartes - Kasper T. 
Toeplitz -- Valérie Vivancos - Isabelle Waternaux - Wild Shores (Evelyne 
Hebey - Fred Nouveau - Marc Roques) - Bertrand Wolff -- Christian Zanesi.

(**) The Timée is a sound reproduction device which comprises a network 
of loudspeakers mounted on the facets of a polyhedron and controlled by 
a set of digital filters. This creates the illusion of a point source 
which is either diffuse or emitting in a way that privileges a 
particular direction in space.

*With thanks for their help, support and / or partnerships to***Mme 
Catherine Gallois de la Galerie Denise René, Mme Leslie A. Morris de la 
Hougton Bibliothèque, Mlle Alexandra Scicluna, Mme Colette Scherer, Mr 
François Morellet, Mme Nathalie Amae d'Extrinsèque, Mme Charlotte Dubray 
du Mundaneum, Sotheby's Paris, Mlle Céline Bokobsa, Mr François Nicolas, 
Mr Pier Granson du Cinq au 104, Mr Rick Willet, Mr Baptiste Houssin, le 
CNC, Mme Indira Melloul et son École des arts Mevlana de Paris, Mr Alain 
Jacquinot, les techniciens du Centre Pompidou et de l'IRCAM pour le prêt 
de La Timée (conseillers techniques/scientifiques : Nicolas Misdariis, 
Olivier Warusfel), la Société PanoSphère http://www.panosphere-store.com

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