[spectre] December Workshops @ London Music Hackspace

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Sat Dec 1 13:27:26 CET 2012

Hi all,

Sorry for xpost.

Here's an update to our upcoming workshops. There are still some
places available.

2nd Dec 2012, Hi-Tech Kitchenware workshop
9th Dec 2012, Circuit bending workshop
16th Dec 2012, MzTEK’s Beat Box T-shirt workshop

Hi-Tech Kitchenware Workshop
When: Sunday 2nd Dec 2012, 12pm to 7pm

Where: Music Hackspace. Unit 30, Cremer Business Centre. 37 Cremer
Street. London E2 8HD

Fee: £18 (bringing your own Arduino),  £36 (with Arduino Leonardo included)
Please register via workshops at musichackspace.org

Ever wondered how to make punchy electronic music with your
kitchenware? How to take your dinner table to the next level? Just
visit the pound shop and come to visit us on Sunday Dec 2nd with some
salad bowls, pots, pans and a few electronic components. The workshop
is aimed to put your design ideas into practice. We will start with
some kitchenware of your choice (pots, pans, glasses), identify a
design, position the sensors and help you build your instrument. No
prior knowledge required, open to everyone.

The morning session is aimed to provide advice on the best
‘percussive’ solutions, those that will make the most performable
We will proceed by demonstrating where to put the sensors, the key
places for the most interesting performance. The Arduino, safely
encased inside the instruments, will require a simple circuit for the
construction of which you will receive step-by-step instructions.

The afternoon might include a quick Ableton Live 8 tutorial on
MIDI-mapping (depending on how many users will be using this
platform). We will demonstrate some patches that conjugate the
universe of percussion instruments with the one of pitched sound. At
the end of the day, we will organize an ensemble performance for you
to join in a jam with all the new instruments.

The Hi-Tech Kitchenware Workshop will be lead by performer and
percussionist Enrico Bertelli, instrument builder and Rebel Technology
founder Martin Klang and composer David Ibbett.

- What to bring?
Your laptop with any VST host (e.g. Ableton Live, Cubase, Reaper…)

Download Ardrumo
Arduino (or let us know if you need an Arduino Leonardo)
USB for the Arduino

Any piece/s of kitchenware you want to use. A kitchenware item per
participant will be provided at no extra cost.
All other materials including electronic components and tools will be
provided for all participants.

Circuit bending workshop
When: Sunday 9th Dec, 2 pm to 7 pm
Where: Music Hackspace. Unit 30, Cremer Business Centre. 37 Cremer
Street. London E2 8HD
Fee: £25, materials and components provided
Please register via workshops at musichackspace.org

Learn the necessary techniques to turn hackable toys into useful sound
devices, electronic instruments or, who knows, sound sculptures
perhaps. This will be a practical, hands-on workshop, including an
introduction to the most easy and effective bending techniques and a
presentation about instrument designs and musicians using hacked
equipment. Participants will have the opportunity of testing and
hacking new projects. Everyone is welcome to bring their own devices
for bending, otherwise hackable toys will be available.

The workshop will be lead by Tasos Stamou, a dedicated circuit bender
and an instrument modifier/designer. He has been utilizing his hacked
creations into various performances (such as at the BENT festival in
NYC) and recordings (labels: Absurd, Triple Bath, Errorcode). He is
currently concentrated into video-bending and DIY modular synthesizer
research and designs. www.tasosstamou.com

MzTEK’s Beat Box T-shirt workshop
Please note this is a women only workshop

When: Sunday 16th December 11:00am – 4:30pm
Where: Music Hackspace. Unit 30, Cremer Business Centre. 37 Cremer
Street. London E2 8HD
Fee: £50 + £1.60 booking fee. Sign up:

In this workshop we will hack a small re-recordable devise, discard
the hard wires and replace them with conductive fabric and thread, and
learn e-textile techniques to make soft circuit buttons to embed the
devise into a t-shirt or textile. We will provide a standard t-shirt,
but feel free to bring a fabric patch, hat or bag etc, to use instead.
This would make a funky Xmas prezzie!
This workshop is perfect for someone wanting to learn the basics of
how to create a soft circuit, but also for those wanting to work with
electronics in a slightly different way. T-shirts will be provided but
please feel free to bring along your own garment to adorn as well!

This last summer MzTEK worked with Guerilla Science, and KOBAKANT to
bring a fantastic Hacked Human Orchestra to Wilderness and Shambala
festivals, making wearable instruments with festival-goers that
created the most awesome music ever. Creating soft circuits with
conductive fabric, conductive thread and an array of electronic
components, people turned their t-shirts into synthesizers, screechers
and recorders. For more information about the Hacked Human Orchestra
check out: http://www.mztek.org/programs/hacked-human-orchestra/.


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